Capsule collectibles in Shenmue 3 are types of toys or items that are found inside of small capsules. These capsules are divided into three different sets. Not all the capsule collectibles are easy to find. You might have to look around a lot for these toys in the game. This guide will include all the details on where to find these capsule collectibles in Shenmue 3.


Where To Find All Capsule Collectibles In Shenmue 3

There are 3 sets in which the capsule collectibles have been divided. Their names and locations for the capsule collectibles in the set are:

Tennis Collectibles

The tennis collectibles set consist of 5 collectibles which are White Racket, Orange Racket, Violet Racket, Fiery Racket and Tennis Ball. All of these collectibles can be obtained from the machine situated outside the Tao-Get Store. If you are lucky then you’ll get all the things in a few tries. But if you are ain’t that lucky then you might have to waste many tries, especially on Tennis Ball.

Heavy Machinery Collectibles

The heavy machinery collectibles set consist of 5 collectibles which are Power Shovel Ladder, Yellow Forklift, Red Forklift, Wheel Loader and Mobile Crane. The collectibles can be found inside the capsules machine in the Tao-Get Store in Bailu Village. Every collectible except the Mobile Crane won’t take much time. The Mobile Crane might take up a lot of your money and tries.

Shenmue 1 Collectibles

The game consists of 5 collectibles that are related to Shenmue 1 which are Chen Guizhang, Chai, Ine, Nozomi Harasaki and Ryo Forklift. These collectibles can be found inside one of the machines in the Baihu Village Square. As usual, there is one of the collectibles which will take a lot more money than the other collectibles and that item is Ryo Forklift.

That is all for our Shenmue 3 capsule collectibles guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guides on hidden kids locations, and Bookie with the facial scar.