This long-awaited release is finally here and is coming up to the expectations of its fans with all the thrilling action you are looking for in a multiplayer shooter with creators like Madfinger Games. For the new players on the field, Shadowgun War Games is a multiplayer PVP shooter in which you have several characters to choose from and have all the thrill and fun of capturing flags and killing your enemies left right and center. In this Shadowgun War Games TDM guide, we are going to give you the tips you need to win.


Now for old fans, it is best to put out there that they will find Shadowgun Wars slightly different from Shadowgun.  However, that will not be a cause of disappointment, as this version is even more challenging than before along with having an expanded range of abilities, stages and skills.

But keep in mind that being increasingly competitive, this game will test your gaming abilities to a certain degree. In order to make your success easier, we have provided you this guide of tips you will need while going through Team Death Match.

Shadowgun War Games TDM Tips

Selecting the settings

When using a mobile to play any FPS, it is necessary to go into the settings and make suitable adjustments that will allow you to play the game comfortably. In the beginning, though, it is better to keep your FPS limit till 60 and bring down the graphic settings to 60 also. You will find that this is quite helpful for your gaming experience.

Next, you will also need to tweak the sensitivity settings. During the game, you might be annoyed to discover that the aiming has become too responsive or not as much as required. To achieve accuracy, it is advised to crank it down to a lower setting. The one-touch ADS mode is also a most helpful and accurate one to use in battle.

Shadowgun War Games TDM

Using pick-ups wisely

While you are moving through the TDM stage, your ammo and health reserves must be used carefully. The primary weapon you are carrying will have a limited supply of ammo while the second one will have unlimited, yet it is much less effective.

You are able to acquire both health and ammo in the stage, but more specifically it is important to pick up health while involved in battle so you can overcome your enemies without dying in the process.

If you make sure to keep walking through the available health pick-ups when you are shooting down your opponents, you will surely emerge through the match as a victor.

Choosing your Hero

Each of the heroes available in the game has its own distinct abilities, which brings a lot of difference in your decision making when involved in a battle.

Several of the characters have healing abilities that can provide you with an upper hand in TDM, such as Slade who also inflicts a high level of damage upon your foes.

Another of the heroes, Revenant, has the ability called Inner Rage which allows him to nerf the damage directed at him. It gives him speed and a dangerous tank that smashes through the battlefield. To sum it up, the choice of your character will have a major effect on the end results of this stage.

Using the map for your benefit

Similar to any other shooting game, being knowledgeable of the map will give you an edge during the fight. You should try as best as possible to learn every nook and cranny of this map, the most advantageous hiding places it has, and where the items are stashed.

One of the good things about this map is that you can use the planters, crates, walls or other objects strewn around as cover during the battle. You are not able to crouch behind these objects, but it is a much better strategy to take instead of staying out in the open. To force the enemy to waste his ammo you can strafe in and out of your hiding place till you find the right moment to attack.

Once you have the map and its important areas memorized, it will be very easy to kill your enemies and mow them down till your win is guaranteed.

That is all for our Shadowgun War Games TDM guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on Capture the Flag mode.