The wait is finally over and Shadowgun War is all set for us to play and doesn’t disappoint us in terms of the thrill and action-packed adventure it provides the players with. Since Call of Duty: Mobile, this is the best multiplayer shooting game available on mobile, so far. Naturally, you’d want to gain levels faster than your adversaries. In this Shadowgun War Games Leveling Guide, we are going to tell you how you can level up fast in the game.

How To  Level Up Fast In Shadowgun War Games

The following are some tips to level up quickly in Shadowgun War Games:

Watch Ads to get 20% extra bonus

Okay, no one likes Ads, especially in a game. However, in Shadowgun War Games this is the easiest way to level fast. You can watch an Ad and get 20% bonus XP for the particular match you are in. Every Ad is 30 seconds only and you gain 20% more XP. In the end, it’s entirely worth it.

Get more Kills and Assists

I’m sure everyone with even a little experience of how progression in multiplayer shooters will know that the higher you are on that leader board at the end of the match, the more XP you gain. And to climb up that Leader Board you got to rack up those kills and even assist your teammates.

Use the XP booster from Season Pass

The item will boost the amount of XP gained from the matches for a certain amount of time. Use IT!

Bonus XP from Team XP booster

Teammates may also activate their boosters called the team XP boost item, which will enable each player in the team to gain additional XP points.

That is all for our Shadowgun War Games Leveling Guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can play this game on PC.

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