Serious Xbox Security Breach Allows Gamertag Spoofing

A major Xbox security breach allows anyone to spoof your Gamertag and send offensive messages that could get you banned. A video of this security breach in action was posted on Reddit that shows how many Xbox Live users fell victims to it already.

The video shows an Xbox ban tool which spoofs your Xbox Live Gamertag and send people the most offensive private messages in an attempt to get them banned. This is a very serious security breach that so far has no fix. Some users report that blocking all messages and coms from settings helps prevent a ban but others say that doesn’t work.

The person spoofing your Gamertag doesn’t need access to your account, all they need is your Gamertag which is already public. The person usually sends very racists messages to others, Xbox needs to deal with this as soon as possible before it gets out of hand.

In  a time when companies are cracking down on racist behavior online,  it is extremely easy for someone to get you banned using this tool. In light of the Black Lives Matter protests, companies are more vigilant about racist behavior on their platforms. Activision has announced a crackdown on racists comments in Call of Duty.


  1. This happened to 3 of my friends. Xbox aint listening either. Its super frustrating. And still ongoing as it sent out multiple messages that haven’t been seen yet, they just keep getting ban upon ban. But because its 24 hrs each time we cant ask them to investigate. Theres no way to actually inform them. Xbox support are no help. Thanks so much for writing this, hopefully they’ll see and take note!!

  2. Xbox still hasn’t fixed the problem. They overturned my bans and gave me Xbox Live Gold for my troubles, but recently I got another communication ban. They’re aware but won’t say it publicly. The Xbox Ambassadors can’t do a thing, nor the MSRC.

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