Here Are The Sea Of Thieves Daily Bounties From June 29 To July 5th

Sea Of Thieves Daily Bounties

Daily Bounties in Sea of Thieves is one way to earn rewards by completing certain tasks. However, the game doesn’t tell players about the daily bounties when in-game. Players have to look for them in the “What’s New?” section on the tile menu before joining their friends.

The following are the Daily Bounties available in the game from June 29 to July 5 along with their rewards. The bounty challenge changes every day.

  • June 29 – Turn in 3 skulls –  Gold
  • June 30 – Make a friend using the appropriate emote – Doubloons
  • July 1 – Get food poisoning – Gold
  • July 2 – On the Ferry of the Damned speak to another player from another crew in Pirate Chat – Doubloons
  • July 3 – Defeat an Ashen Guardian – Gold
  • July 4 & 5 – Finish the Seabound Soul or Heart of Fire Tall Tale – Doubloons

As you have noticed by now, each bounty is a bit different and the difficulty also varies.

That is all for the Sea Of Thieves Daily Bounties from June 29 to July 5. For more on the game also see our Fishing Tips Guide and Megalodon Guide.

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