Scorn is a bone-chilling experience, born out of the darkest imaginations of H. R. Giger & Zdzisław Beksiński. This game brings out that unnerving feeling that makes you want to escape the gameplay as soon as you enter it, yet, you can’t stop playing.

Last updated on October 17th, 2022 at 07:55 pm

In this guide, we’ve covered the Scorn act 2 walkthrough, explaining all the different steps and tasks in detail. So, continue reading, and you’ll be out of the maze and puzzles this game throws at you.

You’ll find yourself in a landscape environment as soon as the act initiates. However, this won’t be for long, as you’ll be heading back inside elegant buildings filled with creatures of nightmares once the act is complete.

At first, when set in the empty landscape, you’ll notice dead aliens and purple sand all around you. Start moving your foot one at a time and look around the space, going over the different places. Soon, you’ll see a gate in front of you after some looking around. Pass that gate, and start looking for a second one.

Once you pass the gates, a huge building will appear before your eyes. You won’t be able to enter through the front, as it always is in these types of games. So, go around the building and look for a tunnel. Once found, go inside it.

After you cross the tunnel, a second tunnel will appear in front of you. You’ll need to completely shut off your claustrophobic impulses and head into it.

Soon, you’ll encounter a shattering noise someone caused while breaking a bone window. Follow the noise and interact with the broken window to get inside. Once inside, head to the left, where you’ll have a slight encounter with an alien that will run away as soon as you get in.

Keep to the left, and don’t stop until a second exit appears. Take it and look for a corpse holding an item when it does. Take the item away by interacting with it and apply it to the pillar next to it.

Use the item by turning it in the pillar to a topmost position and interacting away from it. Afterward, head back to the first exit you skipped and enter it. You’ll find a gate by the left, which you can open using your new tool.

Once the gate is opened, interact with the pillar next to it to bring the lift down. Get on to it and let it take you. Once the elevator stops, head to the right, interact with the button that appears, and takes the left route from the three presented to you.

After that, several pillars will keep on appearing in front of you. So, interact with them using the new tool you’re equipped with. Do this till you reach a pillar with a corpse.

Once that completes, head back to the tunnel and locate a vent in the leftmost tunnel. After that, cross the tunnels until you approach three valves you’ll need to pull to turn off a fan.

Head back to the tunnels; this time, you’ll get a new weapon on the way back. Get it and keep heading back until the vent you got in with appears. Once you get out, keep at left and find a pillar to interact with.

An elevator will appear, get onto it and out once it stops. A pillar will appear ahead of you that you’ll need to interact with using your arm. While at it, interact with another pillar as well using your weapon.

All of this will take you back to where you came from, surprising you a bit when playing it without a walkthrough. Keep heading back, and you’ll reach the red room.

Look around a bit for another tunnel passage, get into it and keep heading straight till you reach a tunnel blocked with dead bodies. Remove them by moving the pipe and activating it.

Now, head back to the button you pressed to get in here and wait to arrive at a final pillar. Open it and head back to the red room of flower buds.

After that, a sequence of puzzle-type tasks will appear ahead of you, which you’ll need to match and compare intellectually to solve. You can reference the egg puzzle guide from the following link to get an idea of the types of problems you’ll face.

Once the above sequence completes, an alien bud will come to fruition, and an absurd creature will rise from it and dies just after its birth. Maybe this will be a sort of symbolism that will show in the story’s narrative.

Just pass through some new gates before you reach another elevator that will take you to a machine. Once you get near it, it will poke at the crab item that belongs to you. This will help you in regeneration and healing afterward.

Once done with all that, a final tunnel will appear that will take you back to the location of Act I. Head to the right and unlock a door at the end of yet another tunnel. This will take you to a lift shaft you can use to descend, bringing the Act II to its completion.

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