When you’re done catching Bugsnax in Garden Grove, Flavor Falls, Simmering Springs, it is time to move on to Scorched Gorge. This is another key location where you can find Bugsnax to add to your collection. In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know on how to find and catch all Bugsnax in Scorched Gorge.


What Is Scorched Gorge

Scorched Gorge, a dry canyon area in Bugsnax, is a fascinating and challenging terrain that offers a unique gaming experience. This area is home to a variety of Bugsnax, each with its own distinct characteristics and behaviors. What sets Scorched Gorge apart is the presence of Bugsnax that are on fire, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the game. To catch these fiery creatures, players need to use nearby water sources to douse the flames before attempting to catch them.

But the challenges don’t stop there. Scorched Gorge is also home to the hyper-aggressive Spuddy, a creature that can open up new areas on the map, revealing even more Bugsnax to collect. This dynamic makes Scorched Gorge a significant location in Bugsnax, as it introduces new elements and challenges that test the players’ skills and strategies.

Moreover, Scorched Gorge is where players can acquire the Lunchpad from Cromdo, a Grumpus on the map. The Lunchpad is a game-changing tool that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for catching Bugsnax, particularly those that fly. With the Lunchpad, players can reach new heights and catch Bugsnax that were previously out of reach.


Scorched Gorge Bugsnax Locations

NameLocationActive Time
BBQ BungerYou can spot a lone BBQ Bunger on a hill in the center of the area, right behind Cromdo’s camp.All day
CheepoofDuring the day, you can see a few Cheepoofs flying around the gorge.All day
Crystal SweetieflyRight by the entrance of the area from Snaxburg, there’s a Sweetiefly.4 PM to 4 AM
Green PeelbugGreen Peelbugs live in the tunnels that you can see in the walls of the gorge.All day
PoptickPopticks are tiny and can be hard to spot, but they’re always around wherever there’s a Scorpenyo. They’re usually found in the gorge.All day
Puffy SnakpodThe Puffy Snakpod can be found in five distinct locations within Scorched Gorge. Once you’ve managed to catch them all, they will reappear:

1: Look for a rock that’s balanced on a thin column near the wooden platforms. This will lead you to the second level of the area where you’ll find a Puffy Snakpod.

2: Venture into the narrow crevice that divides the central hill into two halves. On the wall of this crevice, you’ll find another Puffy Snakpod.

3: Make your way to the wooden bridge that serves as the gateway to Sizzlin’ Sands. On the underside of this bridge, you’ll discover another Puffy Snakpod.

4: Near Triffany’s sleeping bag, you’ll find a Puffy Snakpod.

5: Lastly, head towards the windmill close to the BBQ Bunger. One of the windmill blades is home to a Puffy Snakpod.
All day
RibblepedeInside the ruins where you met Triffany, you can find several Ribblepedes clinging to the walls and ceilings.All day
ScorpenyoThere are two Scorpenyos in this area. They’re usually hanging out on the outer walls of the gorge.All day
Shy WeenywormBehind the breakable wall that Triffany needs you to break as part of her recruitment quest, you can find a few Shy Weenyworms.All day
SpuddyNear the entrance from Snaxburg.All day
Sweet FryderFrom Cromdo’s camp, you can see a Sweet Fryder across the gorge. It’s usually walking on the wall.All day
White CheepoofAt night, you can see a few White Cheepoofs flying around the gorge.All day

How Find and Catch Bugsnax in Scorched Gorge

NameHow to Catch
BBQ BungerTo catch a BBQ Bunger, place the Lunchpad in its path to launch it down to the lower level. Then, lead it to a Spuddy. When the Spuddy charges at the Bunger, it will be stunned, allowing you to pick it up.
CheepoofTo catch a Cheepoof, launch the Snak Trap at them with a Launchpad and then close the trap to finalize the capture.
Crystal SweetieflyTo catch a Crystal Sweetiefly, use the Lunchpad to launch your Snak Trap at it while it’s asleep. If it notices the Snak Trap while it’s awake, it will flee.
Green Peelbug To catch a Green Peelbug, you need to find a pair of connected tunnel entrances. Place the Snak Trap on one side and send a Buggy Ball through the other side. The Buggy Ball will flush the Peelbug into your trap.
PoptickFirst, you need to puff up a Poptick with heat. Cover it in hot sauce, and a nearby Scorpenyo will shoot it with flames. When it pops, use chocolate or cheese sauce to lure it to the Snak Trap.
Puffy SnakpodJust pick it up, no need for any tools.
RibblepedeAttract Ribblepedes down from the walls and ceilings using hot sauce from your Sauce Slinger. Once they’re on the ground, lead them into your Snak Trap.
ScorpenyoTo catch a Scorpenyo, you need to extinguish its flames. You can do this by luring it into the shallow water in the gorge using cheese. Once the Scorpenyo is out of the water, you can scoop it up.
Shy WeenywormShy Weenyworms hate ketchup. Cover the Snak Trap with ketchup and place it on the ground. The Shy Weenyworms will charge at the trap, allowing you to catch them before they knock your trap away.
SpuddySpuddies will charge at any entity they see. Use this to your advantage by luring two Spuddies close enough that they see each other.You can use a Bug Net to pick up a Spuddy that gets attacked by another.
Sweet FryderSet up your Snak Trap across the gap using the Lunchpad you got from Cromdo. When the Sweet Fryder walks into the trap, trigger it. The trap will be pushed off by the windmill wind.
White CheepoofWhite Cheepoofs can be caught in the same way as regular Cheepoofs.

That’s everything we have for now on Scorched Gorge Bugsnax locations. If I missed any bugs, let me know in the comments below.


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