Enemies in Carrion are capable enough of putting you down if you aren’t careful enough. Saving your progress whenever possible ensures that you aren’t forced to restart from a checkpoint that you cleared hours ago. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to save your game in Carrion.


How to Save Game in Carrion?

There are basically two ways to save your progress in Carrion. The first one, which is really simple, is by traveling to a different level. Arriving at a new zone always auto-saves your progress. However, these zones are fairly far apart and you can’t rely on them through the entirety of the game. The more convenient way in my opinion is to look for places where you’re able to leave your biomass – you’ll need to do this as a part of the game in order to solve different puzzles.

Not only this will allow you to progress your game but will also save your progress. Once saved, every time you’re nothing but a red smear on the ground, you’ll start over from the most recent checkpoint. Unlike the circular doors that take you to a different zone in the game, places, where you can store your Biomass, are in plenty – on each level. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to frequently save your game. In addition to this, you should also note that you can have multiple save files if you wish to backtrack for something.

And that’s how you can save your game in Carrion. You can check out our detailed Carrion wiki guides for more help.