Satisfactory can be a bit tricky to get through if you are new to the game. In this Satisfactory beginner’s guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that should make playing the game much easier.

Satisfactory Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks that you should know about when playing Satisfactory :

Wild Animals Are Hostile

Most of the wild animals that you encounter are going to be hostile in nature. They will start running towards you and will try to attack you. The non-hostile animals will not react to you or will simply run away. When attacked by an animal, run and jump often to defend yourself.


Hotkeys can make things much quicker. The following are some of the basic hotkeys that you might find useful:

  • Tab – Inventory
  • Q – Build menu
  • F – Demolition tool
  • V – Turn light on or off
  • C – Resource scanner (hold to select the type of resource)
  • C (in vehicle) – Vehicle menu
  • X – Schematics and message inbox
  • Z – Map
  • Space – Hold down to craft continuously
  • P – Photo mode

Have Enough Space For Factory Locations

When starting a factory, make sure that you give yourself enough space. Pick the largest and flattest area that you can find. It only takes a few minutes to explore but this is going to make things much easier in the grand scheme of things.

Healing With Nuts And Berries

You can find nuts and berries in the wild. these can be used to heal yourself.  These grow in bushes and can be found in abundance in the world.

Gather Leaves And Wood

Be sure to gather leaves and wood. You will need these resources early on in the game. You will need these for power early on.

Collect Slugs

While exploring, you can find slugs. These are large green mollusks that glow. While you cannot use them right away, you should collect them for later. You will later unlock a building in which you can add these slugs. In return, the performance of your buildings is going to increase. Slugs are best found at Dusk as they stand out a lot before the moon rises.

Moving Multiple Items To Your Inventory

Shift and click to move a whole stack of items to and from your inventory.

Focus On Producing Iron, Copper And Stone

You should focus on producing Iron, Copper, Stone and products that are based on them. Iron is used for many items in the game. Iron plates for example are used to build conveyors and other advanced objects and items. Copper is used to make cables. These can be used to connect your buildings to the grid. Stone is not one of the most important resources in the game but it is used to make cement. Which you will need to expand your factory.

Get Technologies Fast

Research the first technologies as soon as possible. You will get access to automatic mines and production structures. This will make playing the game much easier as you will not have to focus on creating products. You can focus on building and upgrading your factory instead.

Deconstruction Tool

Use the deconstruction tool to deconstruct things. You will not lose any resources in the process. You can use this to move buildings and reorganize existing production lines.

These are all the Satisfactory tips and tricks that we have for you.

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