Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Low Audio In Left Or Right Bud Fix

Samsung Galaxy Buds Low Audio

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are great and I use them every day to call people while walking and listening to music in the gym. If you have been using the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Buds Plus for a while then you might have noticed that after a while one of the buds starts to sound fainter than the other and the audio is lower. This leads to an audio imbalance and that is not ideal if you are using them in a noisy environment.

This has already happened to me and I was able to fix it pretty easily a couple of times. One of the times, there was no audio at all in one of the buds. This is what you need to do if there is no sound or low audio volume in one of your Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus No Audio Or Low Volume Fix

It is pretty obvious that ears have earwax in them and they can go inside the buds. When the wax accumulates then there can be an audio imbalance issue with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The fix is pretty simple. What I did is clean the buds.

I used a cotton bud and dipped one of the sides in nail polish remover. With that done, I removed the rubber part that goes inside the ears. Once that is done you will see the silver mesh from where the audio comes from. Turn this facedown and rub the wet cotton bud on the mesh side. This way if you have too much nail polish on it, it will not leak into the bud.

Once you have done one of the buds you can use a dry cotton bud to clean off the residue and kind of dry up the nail polish remover from the silver mesh part of the bud. Do the same for the other Samsung Galaxy Bud. This should do the trick and improve the audio.

I had an issue where I had no audio in one of the buds. I cleaned the bud once and got some audio out of it. Then I repeated the process once again and the issue was fixed entirely. Note that this is a fix that worked for me. It might not work for you and you might have a different underlying problem.

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  1. I tried the alcohol few times. Did not work. Then took a needle and just keep poking at the mesh holes. Then the sound got louder.

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