I recently got a pair of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and interestingly the left bud was not working for me out of the box. I contacted customer support and they could not figure out what the issue was as the pair was brand new. This is a known issue that happens when people do not take care of the Samsung Galaxy Buds and they get dirty but mine were brand new so that should not have been an issue. I resolved the Samsung Galaxy Buds left bud disconnection issue and I thought I would share my findings with you.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Left Or Right Bud Disconnection

I checked out the Samsung Galaxy Buds Reddit and posted my issue. Other people shared their experience and I tried everything including the following:

  • Putting them in my ear and tapping the buds.
  • Holding the touchpads while the buds were in the case
  • Opening and closing the buds again and again in different ways.

But nothing worked for me. I finally discovered the trick. My left bud had been discharged for a while and had gone dead. The simple fix was that there is a small button on the inner side of the bud under the left and right indicators. Pressing the button resets the buds. After doing that, I was able to connect the left bud with the case and the right one along with my phone.

Previously, the app on my phone was not picking up the left bud and it was not charging either. After the reset, it was able to charge and it was showing up on the Galaxy Wearables app on my Note 10+. I thought I would share the fix so that other people can try it out and fix the issue.

Alternate Disconnection Fix

After using and misplacing my Galaxy Buds 2, I went back to my pair of Galaxy Buds+ and they had a disconnection issue with the right bud. Interestingly the fix that I have gone over, that worked the first time around did not work this time.

In order to make things work, I had to disconnect the buds from the phone by turning off the Bluetooth. My right bud was not showing up in the galaxy wearables app and neither was I getting any kind of audio in it.

Once the buds were disconnected, I placeded the right bud (the one with the disconnection issue) into the case and kept the case open. Now if the light is red and turns green after a few blinks then you have to reseat the buds. Make sure to adjust the placement of the bud until the light stays solid red.

I found that the right bud was actually dead and was not charging. That is why even hard resetting the bud did not connect it. After keeping the case open for a little while, the right bud came back to life and as soon as it got to 5% battery my S22 ultra got a notification prompting me to connected to the buds+.

Remember to keep the buds disconnected from your phone by turning off Bluetooth and disconnecting both buds from the wearables app. You also need to keep the case open in order to force charge the bud that is not appearing in the appp.

Let me know if this solves your problem as well and whether or not you are now able to connect both of your buds. You can also check out our guide on how to fix the low volume or no audio issue.


  1. Great, I did everything prior to your method to fix the problem to no avail. Finally it worked for me as well. Thanks.

  2. yes, please.. appreciate if the author can provide a picture, There’s a hole in below the “R” and “L” indicator, which I gently tried to press it but it seems that it feels like its not a button so I never applied to much force since I am afraid to break something.

  3. Got mine recovered. The battery actually got drained and the charging case is not functioning properly when you tried to charge a low battery bud. You’ll notice that when you put the ear bud to the charging case, the inner LED turns red then into green for a few seconds, this somewhat shows that the charging case can’t get the actual state of charge the ear bud thus exiting the charging. To get this fix, you need to re-seat the ear bud for a couple of times until you get a continuous red LED, then wait it to get it fully charged.

    To avoid this issue, make it sure not to let the earbud battery drain around 10%.

    • Thanks a lot for this. My left ear bud too got disconnected. I thought there may be an issue with the buds. Turns out the battery had drained too low. After trying your method, got the earbuds to charge again.

    • I had a similar problem, whatever I did, one of the buds shown disconnected . I put it in the case several times to see the red light LED. I repeated this several times until the bud was connected to the device with 1 % of critical percentage. after while it back with percentage battry. thank you.

  4. Worked for me, after several times of putting on and off the earbud now seems that’s starting to charge…
    Hope this helps.

  5. Is someone able to send a picture of the the bud pointing out which is the button? There is a hole which does not feel like a button when pushing something into it and the other looks like a light

  6. I tried your method and nothing is working. Before this, I had tried the other suggested methods that seem to be very common and nothing is working. What confuses me is that the red light comes on and stays on when I put the disconnected bud in the case, but after leaving it in the case to charge for several hours, the light is still red and the bud refuses to connect to my S8.

  7. It actually worked but although it was not charging normally at first i had to keep my case open and make sure the light was red for quite some time as the light quickly changed green or right after I closed the case also kept the working headphones out till i noticed it started to charge properly.

  8. It worked for me, black circle on the inner side. but you have to press it first for 7 seconds the there wont be any lights, then again press it for 3 seconds and you can see light blinking few times which means its reset. use a ball point ben or sim remover pin to press the button – not too hard.

  9. Thanks dude, just pushed in the mesh for the air hole… stupidest advice ever wtf… I found the actual solution…too bad it was after I followed your retard advice… stupid af dude. I have buds plus just like you said and didn’t notice I was pushing in the fucking mesh!

  10. Success, it finally works! My right bud wouldn’t work at all… no sound or connections to the case or phone (Note 20 Ultra); and these were brand new Buds+. I tried this technique once and it worked immediately. THANKS!

  11. Thank you so much i was scared that my earbuds is wrecked i did every solutions bud doesn’t work until i read your soulotion. My right earbud hasn’t any power. After that i taped the touchpad it’s turning on.

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