Samsung Galaxy Buds Left Or Right Bud Disconnection Issue Fix

Samsung Galaxy Buds disconnection

I recently got a pair of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and interestingly the left bud was not working for me out of the box. I contacted customer support and they could not figure out what the issue was as the pair was brand new. This is a known issue that happens when people do not take care of the Samsung Galaxy Buds and they get dirty but mine were brand new so that should not have been an issue. I resolved the Samsung Galaxy Buds left bud disconnection issue and I thought I would share my findings with you.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Left Or Right Bud Disconnection

I checked out the Samsung Galaxy Buds Reddit and posted my issue. Other people shared their experience and I tried everything including the following:

  • Putting them in my ear and tapping the buds.
  • Holding the touchpads while the buds were in the case
  • Opening and closing the buds again and again in different ways.

But nothing worked for me. I finally discovered the trick. My left bud had been discharged for a while and had gone dead. The simple fix was that there is a small button on the inner side of the bud under the left and right indicators. Pressing the button resets the buds. After doing that, I was able to connect the left bud with the case and the right one along with my phone.

Previously, the app on my phone was not picking up the left bud and it was not charging either. After the reset, it was able to charge and it was showing up on the Galaxy Wearables up on my Note 10+. I thought I would share the fix so that other people can try it out and fix the issue.

Let me know if this solves your problem as well and whether or not you are now able to connect both of your buds.