In Salt and Sacrifice, two remaining warriors fighting side by side are named Ouros, The Living Will and Tenur, Valorous Blade. Orus looks like a large bull and has a big axe to attack, while Tenur wears golden armor and uses a sword to attack. This fight is brutal because you have to handle two attacks simultaneously and they are inseparable. Therefore, you can’t kill the one before the other. There are specific tips and tricks on how to defeat these two. In this Salt and Sacrifice guide, we have shared some tips and tricks to help you complete The Two That Remain boss fight.

Salt And Sacrifice The Two That Remain

These can be found at the DreadStone Peak. Once defeated, these will drop the Incantation Bowl, Jeweled Fibula, 24300x Salt, and 1380x Silver. Below, we have provided a complete overview of all the attacks and how to avoid them:


Attack Pattern How to Avoid
Bashing Axe Ouros hits his axe on the floor by taking its axe high and moving it downwards, making an arc ahead of him. Quickly move away from the hitting area. As it is a giant axe, the impact of the hit is also significant.
Axe Thrower In this attack, Ouros propels his axe in the air using both hands. He can be avoided by going behind them before starting the attacks.
Jump over Strike This attack happens when they reach an HP of 50%; Ouros move toward the player by hitting the tip or tail of the axe on the ground. As he moves forward, slides down below him. Timing your movement is the key here.
Runic Explosion Once the health bar reaches under 50%, Ouros hits his axe on the floor, creating runes in from of boxes floating in the air on both sides. These ruins explode after a while. Run away from the area under ruins because if it’s successful, it can cause a lot of damage to you.


Attack Pattern How to Avoid
Sword Bashing Tenur raises her sword for a while and suddenly hits the ground. Move through and stay behind her.
Swinging Blow Like Ouros, Tenur hides her sword behind her before starting this attack and vigorously smashes it in a forwarding direction. Move away from her when you see Tenur taking her sword behind her back.
Kicking Attack Tenus can also kick you while moving forward and throw you away if successful. Roll away from her as she approaches you for the kick.
Lightball Attack On low health, this attack is used by tenure in which she throws a sphere of light towards you. More the health decreases, she increases the number of light balls thrown at you. Time your movement because these light balls will follow you.

These two may seem challenging to defeat, but they are not invincible. Defeating Ouros and Tenur lies in dodging their attacks and timing your movement. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Salt and Sacrifice wiki page.

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