Anyone who’s played Salt and Sacrifice knows that the Mage Hunts are tough. They’re even harder when you don’t know where to find the bosses. This guide is here to help you find and complete Mage Hunt vs. Por Myec in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Por Myec

When you contact the teleporter in the back of the Darkearth Lair, you will be sent to an instance where you can face Por Myec. This is a group encounter so it is recommended that you bring along allies. Por Myec is a powerful opponent but if you are prepared, he can be defeated.

After defeating Por Myec, you will be able to loot his body for valuable items. These items include the plans for the staff of Derdriu and the recipe for the Elixir of Shadows. You will be one step closer to becoming a master shadow mage with these items in hand.

Tips and Tricks

Poc Myec is a fungalmancer who uses his abilities to control fungus in battle. His attacks inflict Blight buildup which can deal massive damage if not dealt with quickly. Por Myec has four main attacks that he will use during the fight. The first is a basic staff smash where he will lift his staff and hit you with a downward slash. This attack is easily dodgeable, but it can deal a significant amount of damage if it hits.

The second is a more powerful version of the staff smash where Poc Myec will spin his staff around and hit you with a flurry of blows. This attack is much harder to dodge but it can be blocked with a shield. The third is a cone of blighted spores which Poc Myec will unleash from his staff.

This attack will target an area before him and anyone caught in the cone will take heavy damage. The fourth and final attack is a beam of blighted energy which Poc Myec will fire from his staff. This attack is very difficult to dodge and it will inflict heavy damage on anyone hit by it. However, if you can block it with a shield, you will only take half damage.

Now, Por Myec’s Fungal Spray is a move that can easily build up blight if you’re not careful. The best way to avoid it is to walk or dash to the other side of Por Myec, as he will start the spray from his feet and move outward. Attacking from the other side is the best way, as Por Myec will be locked into the attack animation and unable to retaliate. However, be aware that he may try to surprise you with a quick lunge forward before spraying again. Once he starts his spray, quickly dodge to the other side and resume your assault.

The final attack you need to watch out for from Por Myec is when he summons Fungal Sporelings to help him in battle. Por Myec will release multiple small, mushroom-like creatures into the air, which will start flying around the arena randomly. These creatures explode upon contact, dealing damage and spreading blight. While this attack may seem troublesome at first, it provides you with a prime opportunity to attack Por Myec while he is busy casting his minions.

Unfortunately, the Fungal Sprouts and Fungal Sporelings act more as distractions than actual threats. While they are easy enough to avoid, you need to be careful not to let them draw your attention away from Por Myec himself. However, if you can focus on Por Myec and take advantage of this opening, you’ll soon be victorious.

This is all we have got in how to easily beat Por Myec (Mage Hunt) in Salt and Sacrifice. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Salt and Sacrifice wiki page.

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