The Salamander Dagger, a fire elemental weapon that players can acquire relatively early in the game. Unlike regular weapons, the Salamander Dagger holds the power of fire, making it especially effective against carcasses and other flesh-based enemies. This guide will walk you through the importance of the Salamander Dagger, how to locate it, its unique features and Fable Arts, and tips for using it effectively in your battles throughout “Lies of P.”


What Is Salamander Dagger

The Salamander Dagger is imbued with fire, a powerful element against flesh-based foes. When you’re up against carcasses or similar enemies, this dagger can deal additional fire damage, giving you an edge in combat. As a dagger, the Salamander Dagger offers rapid attack speed. While it may lack the range of larger weapons, its ability to deliver quick, successive stabs compensates, allowing you to deal a flurry of fiery attacks in a short time.

When used in conjunction with the Electric Coil Stick, another elemental weapon, you’re equipped to face a broader range of adversaries. The Electric Coil Stick deals slash attacks, while the Salamander Dagger excels in stab attacks, providing a balanced combat approach.

Upon acquiring the Salamander Dagger, you unlock the option to disassemble it into the Salamander Dagger Blade and Salamander Dagger Handle. These components can be combined with other weapon parts to customize your armament, tailoring your combat style to your preferences.

How To Find Salamander Dagger Location

The Salamander Dagger is hidden near the Workshop Union Entrance, a place you’ll come across in Chapter 3. After you beat the Scrapped Watchman, you’ll get the Krat City Hall Courtyard Key. Use it to open the door to the Workshop Union Entrance, also known as the Venigni Works Factory.

When you get to the Workshop Union Entrance, look for the building with the first stargazer. This stargazer is your hint that you’re on the right track to the Salamander Dagger. When you find the stargazer, there’s a staircase on your right. Go up these stairs; they’re taking you towards your prize.

At the top of the stairs, go left. You’ll see a room with a lot of boxes. Break these boxes, and you’ll find a platform. You can break this platform too, and it creates a hole you can jump down.

Once you jump down, you’re in a room with two bad guys. Beat them, and you’ll see a safe in this room. Open that safe, and there you have it: the Salamander Dagger is yours!

The Salamander Dagger boasts distinctive Fable Arts that enhance its combat capabilities:

  • Ignite (Blade Fable Art): This art boosts the dagger’s fire damage for a limited time, providing a burst of additional elemental damage during combat.
  • Rush Smash (Handle Fable Art): With this, you can dash towards an enemy and execute a jumping overhead smash, a powerful move great for initiating attacks or finishing off foes.