The new Sakura Wars game is out now and if you are interested in increasing trust then you will need to pick the right dialogue choices. In this Sakura Wars perfect LIPS guide, we are going to walk you through the dialogue choices that you need to select in order to maximize trust.


Max Trust With Perfect LIPS Dialogue Choices In Sakura Wars

We are going to divide this guide into chapters. Each chapter will further be divided into the story and free roam phases. The following are the perfect LIPS dialogue choices that you need tp pick in Sakura Wars in order to get the maximum trust.

Chapter 1: Winds Of Change

Story Phase 1

Outside the Grand Imperial Theater You look gorgeous. (Sakura +)
While reporting to Sumire at the General Manager’s office I accept! (Sumire +)
While talking to Sakura about her dreams Don’t settle for this, though. (Sakura +)
While meeting Sakura at the Grand Imperial Theater stage This conversation does not provide trust points regardless of what choice you pick.
While meeting Hatsuho for the first time Seijuro Kamiyama. The pleasure’s mine. (Hatsuho ++)
While talking to Sakura about the importance of the Flower Division’s mission I know you can do it OR Someday you’ll be the star attraction! (Sakura +)
While talking to Komachi of the Hanagumi or Wind Division So the Wind Division keeps us going. (Komachi +)

Free Roam Phase 1

After running into Claris, who’s busy reading Pick any choice EXCEPT for “Can’t… control… my hands!”
After Claris calls the Flower Division a fallen group You shouldn’t say that. (Claris +)
When Sakura says that Claris is a good girl and cute to boot Pick any choice
While checking out the strange stone in the courtyard A spirit crystal? (Hatsuho ++)
While talking to Kaoru about her job as Sumire’s secretary It must be great, working for her. (Kaoru +)
While visiting Sakura’s room It reminds me of the old days.  (Sakura +)
On being the new Flower Division captain Of course (Sakura+)

Story Phase 2

After the stage performance Honestly? That was painful. (Claris ++)
On how to improve the situation We’ll pace ourselves and work together! (Hatsuho ++)
On seeking feedback from the audience It’s better than sitting around. (Sakura +)

Free Roam Phase 2

While talking to the fan at the dining area after the show I’m the new leading man OR just let time run out (Itsuki +)
While talking to Komachi at the theatre’s Gift Shop I’ll figure something out! (Komachi +)
After Kaoru asks if Kamiyama regrets coming to the theatre I have a few regrets but… (Kaoru +)
While talking to Sumire in her office about the Combat Revue World Games We’ll do our very best! (Sumire +)
While talking to a dejected Sakura onstage Pick any EXCEPT Man. You guys BOMBED out there
While talking to Hatsuho at the 2nd-floor salon Make the LIPS timer run out. (Hatsuho ++)
While talking to Claris in her room You have a ton of books. (Claris ++)
On why you are visiting so late There’s something I want to discuss OR Sorry… I’ll come back another time. (Claris ++)
While talking to Kaoru at the hangar ..I’ll find a way. (Kaoru +)
After Kamiyama realizes he’s in the women’s bath Pick any choice
After being discovered by Yui near the women’s bath Pick any choice
After being called a pervert by Yui Pick any choice
While talking about the Combat Revue World Games We’ll win the World Games. (Sakura +)
On your team’s prospects Just watch. We’re going to win this! (Sakura +)
During analog LIPS Analog stick direction pushed all the way up. Max level 3 strength.
While talking to Sakura, Hatsuho and Claris about the competition Pick any choice
While talking to Sakura onstage Listen, Sakura. OR Look at me. (Sakura +)

Next Day

When Sakura apologizes for the previous day Don’t worry about it. (Sakura +)
While getting ready to sortie against the enemy Flower Division, move out! OR Focus on the battle at hand, Sakura! (Sakura ++, Hatsuho ++, Claris ++)

Battle Phase

After saving Sakura Sorry, I’m late OR Follow me!
While fighting the large demon boss I won’t give up!
When analog LIPS comes up Analog stick direction all the way up. Max level 3 strength. (Sakura ++)

That is all for our Sakura Wars perfect LIPS guide for the right dialogue choices to increase trust. Stay tuned for more guides!


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