Saying money is important in Saints Row is an understatement. Without money, you can’t build your criminal empire in Saints Row. Looking for ways to make money fast should be your top priority – in this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about making money. For example, I’ll discuss all the possible ways to generate income.

Criminal Ventures: The first method of making money is through criminal ventures. These are special missions that you can do to make a quick buck. The amount of money you make from completing threats/ventures depends on how difficult the mission is. The harder the mission, the more money you’ll make. However, these missions can be difficult, so only attempt them if you’re confident in your abilities.

To access the Criminal Ventures, you must complete the main story and advance through “Networking” or “Take Me To Church.” Missions such as “Drug Pallet Pickups” and “Hidden History Items” will assist you in earning a passive income. Check the Cash Transfer App after completing a task to ensure the cash is credited to your account.

@tcha Reviews: Your initial objective in the game will be to make money, regardless of the sort of mission given to you. You can earn 4000 dollars for each mission. “Riding Shotgun,” “Pony Express,” and “Choplifting” are a few of the missions that will get you paid. Furthermore, Wanted targets will net you 5000 dollars. Therefore, to make money in a short time, you need to participate in the @tcha Reviews mission. The more dangerous the encounter, the more money you can make. With a lower rating, you can earn anywhere from 1500 to 10,000 dollars (which requires you to finish with a 1-star rating) depending on the task’s difficulty.

Each stage of the 1-star difficulty quest will bring you 8 thousand dollars. As a result, I suggest you attempt 4-star tasks since they are simple and provide the opportunity to earn 8 thousand dollars in 2 minutes for each try. Playing all two-thirds of the missions in the game might earn you approximately 160 thousand dollars.

Moreover, The Marshall Facility (South Rojas Desert), La Bodega (Marina West), and Vertical Slice Pizza (Marina East) locations will allow you to complete the “Kill 30 Idols” mission because they are player-oriented @tcha encounter. Capture a photo of your favorite location so you can revisit and explore it again because the area will be forgotten after you finish with one 1-start.

Pro Tip: It’s the best practice to play the main storyline mission to unlock high-rated criminal ventures.

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