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How To Get S Ranks In Crazy Eats In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Crazy Eats is a mini-game in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth that offers a unique blend of arcade-style excitement and strategy, drawing inspiration from classics like Crazy Taxi and Pac-Man. Like every other mini game in Like A Dragon Infinite Money, you can get S ranks in Crazy Eats too, but how? Here’s a complete guide on getting S Ranks in Crazy Eats.

How To Unlock Crazy Eats

Crazy Eats becomes available during the early stages in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, specifically when your quest leads you into District 5. Here, your storyline takes an interesting turn – you need to chase after a character named Chitose and reclaim your items, but there’s a catch: you require money to interact with Jeff, the charismatic taco truck owner.

This is where Crazy Eats comes into play as an innovative solution. When your in-game character runs out of money, an ally named Tomi suggests a practical yet adventurous way to earn some cash – by taking up a job with Crazy Eats. This seamlessly transitions you into the mini-game. To get started, you simply use your in-game smartphone to contact Crazy Eats and apply for a delivery job.

How To Play Crazy Eats Mini Game

At its core, “Crazy Eats” is about collecting food items and delivering them to various customers scattered throughout the level within a limited time. Each food item—ranging from hamburgers to sushi sets—carries a specific monetary value, with sushi being the most valuable. The challenge lies not just in the delivery but in executing stunts before each drop-off, which can significantly increase your earnings, potentially doubling them for that delivery. Additionally, power-ups, hazards, and special launchers add layers of strategy and unpredictability to the game.

Listen to some music from your playlists while deliveries to get in the rhythm.

How To Get S Ranks In Crazy Eats

Achieving an S Rank requires more than just fast deliveries; it requires a combination of skill, strategy, and understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here’s how you can excel:

  1. Stunt Before Delivery: Always incorporate stunts before making a delivery. Aim for three front flips to achieve a super crazy delivery bonus. However, if that’s not feasible, pay attention to the color sheen around Ichiban—blue for level one, green for level two, and a green-yellow glow for level three. Delivering with a level three glow maximizes your points.
  2. Utilize the Mini Map: The mini map is an invaluable tool that guides you to your next destination. It shows the location of customers, remaining food items, and power-ups. After each delivery, plan your next move by consulting the mini map.
  3. Power-Up Strategically: Each power-up offers a unique advantage. For instance, the bottle boosts your speed, gold tickets increase your score multiplier, and the backpack protects your food from hazards. Utilize these power-ups wisely to enhance your performance.
  4. Aim and Navigate Smartly: When approaching a drop-off, align your bike in the direction of your next target to save time. Drift into pickups if turning is necessary or avoid drifting if you need to proceed straight. Efficient navigation is key to maintaining speed and efficiency.
  5. Boost Effectively: Boosts not only provide a burst of speed but also render you invulnerable to hazards and attract food from a distance. They guarantee a super crazy delivery even without stunts. Plan your boost usage on straightaways or when you have a score multiplier from a gold ticket.
  6. Balance Deliveries and Food Collection: Sometimes, it’s beneficial to skip a delivery in favor of collecting more food, allowing for consecutive deliveries without interruption. Keep an eye out for the large bento box on the mini map, which replenishes your food supply significantly.

Getting S Ranks opens up a plethora of rewards in the Crazy Eats shop. From the Tomahawk steak, a formidable early-game weapon for Kasa, to job rank boosters and Hatsune Miku songs, the incentives are substantial.

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