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Rust Musical Instruments Guide – How to Craft, Crafting Recipes


Wondering how can you get musical instruments in Rust? Well, you have come to the right place. Rust devs recently received a paid DLC which added musical instruments. In this guide, we will explain how you get musical instruments, how to craft, and what crafting recipes you need in Rust.

Rust Musical Instruments Crafting

Rust developers release a ton of patches and updates for the game but this is the first paid DLC ever released for the game. Among other content, developers have added musical instruments that are fully playable. You craft them using materials found throughout the game’s open world. Most of you will probably already have these items but if you don’t, it is time to explore and loot a bit. As I mentioned, the musical instruments added to Rust are fully playable and also support MIDI input for those who wish to dive deep into music creation.

Crafting is the way to go if you want to get your hands on musical instruments. Here are all the crafting recipes you need to know as well as the materials required to craft Rust’s musical instruments.

Musical Instrument  Crafting Recipes and Materials 
Acoustic Guitar  50 Wood, 10 Cloth 
Xylobones  50 bone fragments 
Wheelbarrow  100 metal fragments, 200 wood 
Canbourine  25 metal fragments 
Cowbell  35 metal fragments 
Shovel Bass  75 metal fragments, 50 wood 
Junkyard Drum Kit  100 metal fragments, 25 wood 
Sousaphone  100 metal fragments 
Jerry Can Guitar  50 metal fragments, 25 wood 
Plumber’s Trumpet  75 metal fragments 
Pan Flute  20 metal fragments, 5 cloth 

 All materials you need to craft the musical items are found across various locations in Rust. You can chop down trees to get wood, and you can mine metal ores from rocks in Rust. You can smelt the ore in a Furnace or Large Furnace to get yourself metal fragments. The cloth is another material used to craft musical instruments. The cloth is a natural resource found in Rust by skinning animals with a hatchet or some other tool. You can also harvest cloth from Hemp Fiber plants. In addition to crafting musical instruments in Rust, the cloth is used to create medical items, clothes, sleeping bags, and armor.

Moreover, if you don’t want to spend money on the new Rust DLC and spend time crafting the musical instruments, there is another way. If you can find someone who owns the DLC, they can trade their musical instruments with you.

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