Among the things you can craft in Rune Factory 5 are shields. You will need a bunch of different crafting materials to craft shields. As you progress in the main story you will start taking a lot of damage and an excellent way to counter this is by crafting shields.


Shields are part of the defensive equipment lineup available in the game. You can start crafting once you have unlocked Crafting Table from Studio Palmo. This guide has everything you need to know to craft all types of shields in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 Shield Crafting Recipes

The following is the complete list of Shield recipes.

Names  Recipes 
Small Shield  Minerals 
Iron Shield  Iron, Iron 
Cheap Shield  Cheap Cloth, Insect Carapace, Iron 
Warrior’s Shield  Wolf Fang, Iron 
Monkey Shield  Cloths and Skins, Cloths and Skins, Yellow Down 
Round Shield  Bronze 
Great Shield  Minerals, Amethyst, Iron 
Chaos Shield  Pretty Carapace 
Turtle Shield  Bronze, Liquids, Rusted Iron 
Yellow Shield  Yellow Core, Gold 
Bone Shield  Shells and Bones, Gold 
Magic Shield  Crystals, Mysterious Powder, Gold, Silver 
Platinum Shield  Platinum, Platinum, Rusted Iron 
Heavy Shield  Shoulder Piece, Diamond 
Cursed Shield  Armor Fragment, Tiny Golem Stone, Diamond 
Knight Shield  Grimoire Scale, Orichalcum 
Kite Shield  Warrior’s Rank, Platinum, Proof of Rank, Dragon Bones 
Magical Shield  Rune Crystal, Crimson Scale, Armor Fragment 
Element Shield  Blue Core, Yellow Core, Yellow Feather, Green Core, Red Core 
Platinum Shield+  Rune Crystal, Platinum Shield, Golem Spirit Stone 
Guardian Shield  Black Shoulder Piece, Shells and Bones, Mysterious Powder, Golem Spirit Stone 
Prism Shield  Light Ore, Small Crystal, Blue Scale, Glitter Scale, Crimson Scale 
General Shield  Big Crystal, Dragon Bones, General Orb, Rune Sphere Shard 
Seven Color Shield  Null Symbol, Blue Core, Red Core, Green Core, Yellow Core 
Rune Shield  Small Crystal, Golem Dragon Scale, Dragonic Stone, Ancient Fish Fin 

That’s everything you need to know to craft all shields in Rune Factory 5. Need more help? See Cooking Recipes, Farming Tools Recipes.