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Rune Factory 5 SEED Points Farming Guide


In Rune Factory 5 (RF5), SEED points are a currency that you can purchase various items, including seeds and other equipment. Players can earn SEED points by completing certain tasks, such as defeating monsters or harvesting crops. Here are some tips on how to earn SEED points easily in RF5.

Rune Factory 5 SEED Points Farming

Kill Monster Bosses

In Rune Factory 5, players can fight Boss Monsters once a day to earn SEED points, money, and items for crafting. While the cost to ship certain item drops can be high, Boss Monsters offer an effective way to earn SEED points and items for crafting. By defeating a Boss Monster, players can receive 30 SEED points and access to limited items that can be used to craft powerful equipment.

1 Point for Each Living NPC

In Rigbarth, you may gain 1 point for each NPC you talk to. Yet, this may appear modest; conversing with individuals also raises your Friendship Level with them, so it’s worth considering as part of your daily routine.

Complete Requests

The Task Board is a great way to earn SEED points. Every time you complete a request, you’ll earn 100 SEED points. That’s a lot compared to other methods of earning SEED points. So make sure to complete quests as often as you can. You can also earn SEED points by carefully completing special tasks occasionally.

Shipping the Items

The Shipping Box is where you can send your items to the Blacksmith or other villagers. After shipping items, you will be able to receive a reward in the form of points, which players can be used to purchase items from the store.

There are many contests you can enter to win prizes. These include, but are not limited to, the Fishing Contest, the Cooking Contest, and the Crafting Contest. Each contest has different requirements, so read the rules carefully before entering.

Apart from these methods, some other ways can easily help you earn SEED points in RF5.

NPC Activities

You will get 3 points every time you do an activity with an NPC. This can be anything from fishing to cooking to playing games.

Destroying Regular Monsters (Maximum of 100 Points Per Day)

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain more than one point at a time by defeating Field Monsters. To earn 2 SEED Points, you must defeat Normal Monsters in the field; make sure to explore the area and attack any monsters you see actively. Unfortunately, this method allows you only to earn 100 points each day.

Accepting Clear Direct Requests:

You can earn the 200 Points by Accepting Clear Direct Requests. So, after every short break, check the request and accept them as they appear.

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