Farming is a key part of Rune Factory 5 and if you have played previous games, you pretty much understand this mechanic. There are very minor changes to this mechanic since the last time we played this game. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Farming in the game.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Explained: How to Farm

To farm in Rune Factory 5 you need to till the soil with a hoe and plant seeds. Keep watering them every day until the harvest is ready. Soil attributes play the biggest role in making the most profit out of your farming efforts. Here is a breakdown of the basic Soil Conditions you need to pay attention to.

  • Overall – Represents health and defense of the Soil.
  • Speed – Higher speed stats mean faster growth of your crop. Use Formula Items to increase Speed.
  • Size¬†Affects the size of the crop. Size can be raised by using Giantizer.
  • Quality – Affects the quality of the crop.
  • DMG Res. – Represents how protected the crop is against typhoons etc. The stat can be raised by using Wettable Powder.
  • No. – Affects how much crop you get.

How to Level Up Soil

To raise the soil level you need to harvest as many crops as possible. Base stats of the soil will go up the more you harvest but over time you will see a fatigue effect in your soil. You can counter this by simply resting the soil and giving it time to recover.

What Are Rune Orbs

During the farming efforts in Rune Factory 5, you will often see glowing orbs sitting on the soil. These glowing orbs are called Rune Orbs and when you interact with them you’ll get RP. Moreover, a random skill level is raised by 1 after you interact with the orbs.

How Starfall Crops Work

Starfall Crops are a new feature added with Rune Factory 5. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for signs of star showers because on the day after, you will find a start meteorite. Mine the star meteorite for a chance to get Starfall Crop.

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