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Rune Factory 5 Bronze Ore: How to Get, Location


Bronze Ore is a highly sought-after resource in Rune Factory 5, used to upgrade weapons and armor. This guide will cover all the information on obtaining Bronze Ore from various locations in the game. Although selling Bronze Ore may not be profitable due to its low price, it is still a necessary ingredient for crafting new items and upgrading tools and equipment. The easiest way to find Bronze Ore is by using the mining ability on red/bronze-colored rocks, particularly in the Rigabarth area. Mining other ore-type resources, such as iron, in Rune Factory 5 can also obtain some Bronze Ore.

How to Get Bronze Ore in Rune Factory 5

The first thing you will need to utilize is the mining ability of a rare hammer. Some hammers can be rarer than others and net you more ore by mining with a better hammer. Gold, sticks, and stems are all you need to craft a golden hammer that can make quick work of boulders and rocks, making the mining process much faster.

Bronze Ore Locations

It’s pretty easy to find the distinct types of rocks and boulders containing the bronze ore, but it can be tedious to always be on the lookout for meager amounts of bronze ore. The best places have plentiful rocks to mine in a small area. Here is a short list of such places:

  • Bandit King’s Old Base (First and second floor)
  • Kelve Lava Cave (First and second floor)
  • Atohl’s End (First floor)
  • Cloudheim (First floor)

List Of Items Crafted With Bronze

  • Spear
  • Sickle
  • Axe
  • Waterpot
  • Cutlass
  • Great Sword
  • Lance+
  • Cutlass
  • Needle Spear
  • Bat
  • Battle Scythe
  • War Hammer Steel Edge
  • Chopping Axe
  • Bronze Hammer
  • Bronze Sickle
  • Beginner’s Pole
  • Turtle Shield
  • Bronze Bracelet
  • Mail
  • Round Shield

Bronze is a flexible material used to make various types of equipment. You will always run out of bronze from your inventory, from weapons and armor to farming equipment and shields. So make sure to get your hands on a hammer quickly and start mining for the good stuff.

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