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Rockstar Has 3 Unpublished Videos on YT, Unlikely Rumor Says GTA 6 Trailer Drops Tomorrow


There is a rumor going around that a trailer for GTA 6 is about to drop in little over 24 hours. According to posts on Twitter and Reddit from sources that have 0 credibilities, February 12 is when the GTA 6 trailer hits. At first, it looks like just some random person posting trying to get attention but if you dig around Rockstar’s official YouTube channel, there are 3 unpublished videos.

In total, Rockstar Games has 258 videos on its channel but only 255 are available to the public at the time of this writing. Could one of the videos be the awaited GTA 6 Trailer? Some fans speculate that Rockstar Games announced a server shutdown for GTA Online and Social Club and that is linked to the GTA 6 reveal. The servers are going down between 6:00 and 8:00 GMT on Feb.12, and this is usually the time when publishers reveal their games.

While there have been multiple teasers that indicate a coming trailer drop, this whole “rumor” feels pretty shady because of its random source. The only interesting bit here is that Rockstar Games has 3 unpublished videos on YouTube. And we can only hope to God one of them is the trailer for GTA 6.

Little over a week ago, Rockstar Games allowed the Super Bowl to use the GTA VICE City theme in its promotional video. We were sure something is coming and it didn’t, at least it didn’t at the Super Bowl. There is always some part of you that want to believe, but it isn’t the best idea to be hopeful about this, especially right now.

Take-Two, during its most recent investor’s call, hinted that we won’t see Grand Theft Auto 6 anytime soon. Take-Two CEO, Strauss H. Zelnick, explained during the call.

That said, we haven’t always been able to achieve our goal of having a strong frontline release schedule in every year, even in the recent past. Given that we’re a company that depends on our creative teams to make as close to perfect products as possible, we have to be willing to live with the vagaries of product deliveries. And that means, sometimes, we will have thin frontline years. But even in those frontline years, we’ve been able to deliver really great financial results

Grand Theft Auto 6 is surely under development but for now, we have no idea when its trailer and release information comes out. Rockstar has been hiring people to create marketing materials for its upcoming games which is another indication that a possible reveal is upon us. But when?

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