There are 10  characters in Rocket Area with their own skills and abilities. In this guide, we will explain everything we know about Rocket Arena character abilities and skills, and give you pointers on how to play different characters.

Rocket Arena Character Abilities and Specials

Choosing the right character depends on your playstyle. Rocket Arena has a variety of characters that play very differently from one another. They have unique abilities, weapons, and moves. There are three types of abilities – Primary, Secondary, and Specials. Rocket Arena character Specials are ultimate abilities.


Amphora character abilities

Amphora is a fast striker in the world of Rocket Arena. She holds the frontlines and uses her charged torpedos and homing mines for devastating combos. She can trigger her Hydro Form to quickly chase down enemies and kick them out of the arena in a powerful cyclone. Amphora character abilities are as follow:

  • Charged Torpedo (Primary): Hold the attack button to charge the shot for increased speed and damage.
  • Hydro Form (Secondary): Turn into liquid and reactive the ability near an opponent to launch them up in a water cyclone.
  • Bounty Mines (Special): Shoot three bouncing and homing mines.


Blastbeard character abilities

Blastbeard is a heavy-hitting character, he is the brute of the group. He uses Cannonball and Anchor Rockets to deal a significant amount of damage. His Shockwave can blast enemies and even kill their rockets. He is extremely effective at mid-range combat and can hold down objectives. Blastbeard character abilities are as follow:

  • Rocket Cannonball (Primary): Arching & high impact rocket attack.
  • Charged Anchor (Secondary):  Charge and shoot hard-hitting Anchor rockets at the enemy.
  • Shockwave (Special):  Create a shockwave to knock back nearby enemies and destroy their rockets.


Boone character abilities

If you are a long-range player Boone is the character you need to check out. His Megadon Scope lets you attack with precision. His special is Zik’s Vortex that can be used to push enemies skyward. It is hard to hide from Boone.

  • Blunderblast (Primary): Short-range cluster shot that ricochets off surfaces and enemies.
  • Megadon Scope (Secondary): Ricocheting sniper rocket.
  • Zik’s Vortex (Special):  Create a wind vortex that blasts Boone backward and pushes enemies with great force.


Izell character abilities

Izell excels at taking down weakened opponents and putting pressure on the enemies, creating defensive lines. She is also fast so mobility is high, making her move around the map much faster than enemy players. Her mobility makes her a great pick for objective-based game modes like Rocketball. Izell character abilities are as follow:

  • Spear Rockets (Primary): Quick firing rockets, highly effective at short-ranged.
  • Bola Snare (Secondary): Pull enemies toward you and the next Spear Rocket will lock on to the snared enemy for increased damage.
  • Jaaqua Charge (Special): Hold to aim and charge forward with a devastating attack.


Jayto Character Abilities

If you are looking for an offensive character with good mobility, Jayto is the way to go. He can lay down support fire to turn the tide of battle using his supercharging thruster suit. He can also use his versatile thruster suit to switch between offense and defense easily. Jayto character abilities are as follow:

  • Skypiercer Rockets (Primary):  High accuracy single fire rocket.
  • Rocket Swarm (Secondary): Create a swarm of tiny rockets.
  • Thruster Suit (Special): Boost mobility and the effectiveness of Skypiercer Rockets for a short period of time.


Kayi character abilities

Kayi can pick off her enemies with charged strikes from her crossbow. She also has a grappling hook that boosts her mobility. Kayi is one of the best KO finishers in Rocket Arena. She provides utility defense for her team by creating a protective field that slows down enemy projectiles and shields allies. Kayi character abilities are as follow:

  • Charged Bolt (Primary): Charge shots to shoot faster and further.
  • Snow Globe (Secondary): Create a Snow Globe that slows down enemy projectiles. Charged Bolt shots from within the globe get additional speed and damage.
  • Grapple Hook (Special):  Grapple to surfaces or damage enemies by hitting them directly.


Mysteen character abilities

Mysteen uses magic and uses her spells to great effect. Using her spells she can create a shield to block all enemy projectiles. She can create her doppelganger to confuse and misdirect enemies and she can swap places with the doppelganger at any time. Mysteen character abilities and skills are as follow:

  • Card Rockets (Primary): Precision one-shot and every third consecutive attack fires a 3-round burst.
  • Mirror Shield (Secondary):  Create a shield to block incoming rockets.
  • Phantasm (Special): Create a duplicate of Mysteen.


Plink character abilities

If skirmish is your strong suit, Plink is the character you want to pick in Rocket Arena. He can teleport to get behind enemy lines and surprise attacks. He can attack from the back if you are pushed back and break the stalemate. Plink has high mobility which makes him a hard to hit target. Plink abilities and skills are as follow:

  • Scrap Rockets (Primary): Short-range, rapid-fire homing missiles.
  • Boomerang (Secondary):  Ricochets off walls and returns.
  • Skedaddle Ball (Special):  Thrown teleporter, reactivate to teleport to its location.


Rev character abilities

Rev is extremely aggressive on the battlefield. She uses a hoverboard to rush the enemy which makes her a great offensive choice. She is a frontline competitor for aggressive players. Rev’s offensive abilities allow her to put extra pressure on the opponents. Rev character abilities are as follow:

  • Double Whammy (Primary): Rapid-fire explosive rockets that alter between the weapon’s twin barrels.
  • Mag Mines (Secondary): Shoot sticky mines.
  • Shatter Slam (Special): Activate Shatterboard flight. Kick enemies with the board.


Topnotch character abilities and skills

Topnotch is the cavalry, he excels at long-range rocket aerial bombardment. He helps allies with laying down heavy support fire. He can also cook grenades and detonate them remotely. Topnotch character abilities are as follow:

  • Bouncing Beauty (Primary): Bouncing grenade, hold to cook.
  • Artillery Salute (Secondary): Summon a cascading artillery line.
  • Zephyr Strike (Special): Lock-on target and shoot a giant rocket.

That’s all for the Rocket Arena character specials and abilities, check out the Wiki page for more information about the game.

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