Roblox is one of the most fun games in the world, but developers made it even better by releasing another update that added recipes. Roblox players got an oven, and interacting with it allows them to use raise a floppa recipes and do the cooking. The addition of the oven greatly helps maintain the Happiness and Hunger levels of the Floppa in Roblox. Use the recipes to stop Floppa’s happiness and hunger levels to zero.

Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 12:35 am

Cooking the Floppa recipes in the oven to make special foods will increase happiness significantly compared to regular foods. Raise a Floppa recipe can be unlocked by visiting the mailbox outside the house but for the pizza recipe, you need to visit the interwebs.

Raise a Floppa Recipes List

FoodRecipesCostHappiness BoostTemperature
Space Soup2x Almond Water
2x Meteorite
Burger1x Beef
1x Bread
1x Lettuce
1x Tomato
Cake1x Egg
1x Flour
1x Sugar
1x Milk
Mac and Cheese1x Noodle
1x Cheese
1x Milk
Pizza1x Cheese
1x Tomato
1x Flour
+125%$650 (recipes purchases included)Medium
Ramen1x Noodles
1x Soy Sauce
1x Egg
Spaghetti1x Noodles
1x Beef
1x Tomato
Salad1x Tomato
1x Lettuce
Grilled Cheese1x Bread
1x Cheese

Most of the ingredients you need to cook raise a floppa recipes are easy to acquire, but Meteorite for Space Soup is hard to come by. You need to wait for the Meteor Shower. However, Meteorite Shower is rare; even after the shower, there is only a 20% chance of Meteorite spawns. The second rare cooking ingredient is Almond Water is available in the Black Market but to get there, you need to navigate the maze after going through the Mysterious Door. Almost Water is available for 1000 Bucks.

How to Cook Raise a Floppa Recipes in the Oven

To cook raise a floppa recipe, you need to use the oven. Walk up to the oven once you have the ingredients and know the right temperature to cook the recipe. Interact with the oven with ingredients in your hand and choose the temperature. Hit the cook open to start the process, which, depending on the recipe, will take between 20 to 60 seconds.

That’s everything you need to know to raise your Floppa right.

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