“Adopt Me!” on Roblox is renowned for its captivating seasonal events, and Halloween is no exception. The 2023 Halloween update has introduced an array of spooky pets, with the Evil Rock pet taking center stage due to its mischievous charm. This guide will walk you through how to add this unique pet to your collection.

  • The Evil Rock pet is a special edition released for Halloween 2023, following the popularity of the original Pet Rock.
  • It’s known for its glowing red eyes and playful, if not slightly sinister, demeanor.
  • This pet is considered ultra-rare within the game.

How To Get Evil Rock

Unlike other pets, the Evil Rock cannot be adopted through regular gameplay or purchased with the in-game Candy currency.
It is exclusively available for purchase with Robux, the game’s real-money currency. The pet costs 75 Robux, and you can buy it directly from the in-game prompt upon logging in.

Given that real money is involved, it’s important to discuss the purchase with a parent or guardian, especially if you’re not the one footing the bill. Evaluate whether the Evil Rock’s cost is worth it for you, as its acquisition is primarily cosmetic and doesn’t affect gameplay.

Alternatives to the Evil Rock

  • If you decide against spending Robux, “Adopt Me!” offers other Halloween pets that can be obtained through in-game means.
  • For instance, Scarecrow pets are available through the Scarecrow Box, which can be purchased with 18,000 candy earned from in-game activities.
  • The Scarecrow series includes various pets like the Scarecrow Crow, Scarecrow Cat, and Scarecrow Horse.

How To Get Evil Rock After October 2023

The Evil Rock pet is only available until the end of October 2023, making it a limited-time offer. If you’re keen on having this pet in your collection, it’s advisable to act fast before the Halloween event concludes.

If you miss out on purchasing the Evil Rock or prefer not to spend Robux, keep an eye on the game’s trading community. Some players might be willing to trade the Evil Rock later on, though likely at a premium given its rarity.

Beyond pet collection, immerse yourself in the full “Adopt Me!” Halloween experience by participating in themed mini-games and social activities within the game. Whether you’re trick-or-treating in-game or navigating spooky challenges, there’s a wealth of content to explore.

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