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Risk of Rain Returns: How To Find Illegal Shipment Fast

Step-by-Step Journey to the RoRR Illegal Shipment!


Are you ready for an exciting quest in Risk of Rain Returns? We’re going on a treasure hunt to uncover the location of the RoRR illegal shipment. It’s a cool and secret item that’s hidden away in the storage room, waiting for you to find it. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through each step to make sure you get your hands on this mysterious illegal shipment in Risk of Rain Returns.

Where To Find Illegal Shipments In Risk of Rain Returns

The Illegal Shipment is ingeniously hidden in the final level of the game, known as “Contact Light.” It’s a secret chest that you need to find in this stage​​. Before you can access the chest containing the Illegal Shipment, you must first locate a Keycard. This keycard is critical for unlocking secret doors, including the one leading to the storage room where the Illegal Shipment is hidden​​.

Note: Keycards are usually found inside golden containers or are dropped by enemies. It’ll take a bit of time to find one but keep exploring the level and you will eventually come across one.

Alternate method of getting into the Storage Room

For players who either haven’t acquired a key card or prefer a more adventurous route, the game provides a creative solution. The storage room can be accessed through a broken window, bypassing the need for a key card. This method, however, requires a strategic use of movement items and abilities.

Before reaching the final stage, focus on collecting items that enhance your character’s mobility. Look for items that increase jump height, speed, or provide additional movement skills.

Once on the final stage, identify the location of the broken window leading to the storage room. It is usually positioned in a way that demands a combination of jumps and mobility skills. Here’s a video to help you with the broken windows’ location:

The broken window is located to the left side of the storage room.

Once you have the Keycard, proceed to the storage room, located to the far right of the ship before you encounter the final boss on this level. The Illegal Shipment is well-hidden here, so you’ll need to search thoroughly. In the cargo area of the Risk of Rain level, look for a box located on the far left shelf. This is where the Illegal Shipment is stored. You’ll need to interact with this box to retrieve the item​​.

illegal shipment chest location inside the storage room.

After successfully finding and interacting with the Illegal Shipment, you’ll complete the task and unlock the Altered Genome Achievement, marking your success in this challenge​​.

Additional Tips

  • Thorough Exploration: Ensure you explore every corner of the Contact Light level. The storage room, where the shipment is hidden, can be easy to miss if you’re not searching carefully.
  • Using the Keycard: Remember that the Keycard is not just for opening the door to the storage room. It may unlock other secrets in the game, so keep it handy.
  • Patience and Perseverance: Finding the Illegal Shipment might take some time and repeated attempts. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find it on your first try.
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