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Risk Of Rain 2 Characters Guide: How To Unlock All Characters

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Risk of Rain 2 has six main characters to play at the moment. Each character is different in its own way. One might excel in speed while the other might excel in strength. The developers will add more main characters to the game soon and we wish they are entertaining as these. This guide will include all the details on how to unlock all main characters in Risk of Rain 2.

How to Unlock Characters In Risk Of Rain 2

We will discuss the six main characters in the game about how to unlock them.


This is the default character that you start with. You just have to start the game and you will start playing him. Commando is one of the high damage characters. He specializes mostly in close range with good damage but he can be used efficiently in long-range too. To play him effectively in long-range you need to fire in bursts to maintain accuracy and damage.

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Unlocking MUL-T is quite simple actually. You just have to play and finish the first level of the game around 5 times and he will unlocked to be played. MUL-T can do a decent amount of damage and can be good in both close range and long-range. For close range it has it’s nail gun which destroys bosses and enemies in close range. For long-range MUL-T has it’s sniper rifle which can deal with enemies at a distance and airborne enemies.


Unlocking Huntress is easy as well. Just play and finish the first 3 levels without dying. Huntress is a complex character who excels in long-range. She has very high AoE but her cooldowns on her skills are very high. Her skills can be quite useful in destroying crowds of enemies quick.

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To unlock Engineer you will just to progress through the game and complete 30 levels. The unique character is most definitely Engineer. He doesn’t do much on his own but relies on his turrets to do the job for him. He can make use of turrets, mines and shields to protect him and deal with enemies quickly and efficiently. His cooldowns might be a lot but if you can use your shields to the max potential you might not need for the turrets to go down and wait for the cooldown.

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To unlock Artificer you will have to go to New Alter in the teleporter event and use one Lunar Coin to open a portal. After that, you will have to pay 10 Lunar Coin in the Lunar Shop there. Artificer is by far the most damage output character. Her skills can do high damage but although her damage and health might be good her mobility ain’t. Using survivability and mobility items on her is a must.

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Mercenary isn’t that hard to unlock. After completing the last map you will get a message and you can now go through a Celestial portal. Go to the end to arrive at an Obelisk. Sacrifice yourself here to unlock Mercenary. Mercenary is the only melee character in the game and he is very fun to play. He can destroy enemies in close range and has a double jump and dashes. He can use the dashes to approach airborne enemies and deal with them too. He can use his dashes to run away or get to places that couldn’t go earlier.

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