In Risk of Rain 2, you’ll need to complete certain challenges with allot you with a special item as well as an attributed trophy/achievement. Here’s how you acquire all of Risk of Rain 2 Achievements.


There are a total of 112 achievements and challenges you can obtain in Risk of Rain 2. The table below describes the method for acquiring each one of them, along with the item unlocked for the effort.

Complete Achievements And Challenges Guide For Risk of Rain 2

To complete 100% of the game, you can follow our achievements roadmap that explains how to unlock each of them.

How To Unlock Death Do Us Part Achievement

The challenge is located in the Abandoned Aqueduct, which is a sandy desert area. You’ve likely passed the entrance to this chamber before, marked by a giant circular entrance on the cliff face at the edge of the map.

To access the chamber, you must find and stand on two switches simultaneously. These switches are randomly placed and usually near a cluster of objects like rocks. They appear as sand-colored pressure plates. In multiplayer, this is straightforward as each player can stand on one. In single-player, it’s advisable to use the Engineer character, whose turrets can be placed on the switches to activate them.

Once inside, you’ll encounter two unique Elder Lemurians named Runald and Kjaro. They must be defeated to complete the challenge. They are tough opponents, with one using ice attacks and the other using fire.

Upon defeating Runald and Kjaro, you will complete the challenge and collect their respective items, Runald’s Band and Kjaro’s Band.

How To Unlock Slaughter Achievement

To unlock the “Slaughter” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to defeat 3000 enemies. This achievement will generally be unlocked naturally as you play the game, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use the following strategies:

The Swarms artifact increases the number of enemies but halves their health, making it easier to rack up kills quickly.

Use Specific Artifacts and Equipment:

  • Artifact of Kin: This artifact ensures that all enemies in a stage are of the same type, which can simplify the process of dealing with them.
  • Artifact of Swarms: As mentioned, this artifact increases the number of enemies while halving their health, which is useful for quickly increasing your kill count.
  • Defiant Gouge and Combat Shrines: These will help in spawning more enemies to fight.
  • Primordial Cube: This equipment can be used to gather several enemies into a tight pack, making them easier to kill at once.
  • Ukuleles and Will-O-Wisps: These items are useful for dealing with groups of enemies, as they enable attacks that can hit multiple targets at once

How To Unlock Prismatically Aligned Achievement

To unlock the “Prismatically Aligned” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to complete a Prismatic Trial. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Accessing Prismatic Trial: From the main menu, select the “Prismatic Trial” game mode. This mode is a solo-only challenge that requires you to finish two stages.
  2. Understanding the Trial: In Prismatic Trial, the map will have set monster spawns and item drops for each challenge. The challenges in this mode are refreshed every 72 hours.
  3. Strategy and Preparation: Since the trial changes every 72 hours, it’s advised to try a few times to find an easier trial, especially if you’re not very familiar with the game. It’s recommended to leave this as a later achievement until you know the game well enough to complete the trial with ease.
  4. Additional Tips: While the trial itself is not directly ‘cheeseable,’ you can look up strategies and tips from players who frequently complete Prismatic Trials. For instance, the YouTuber Cabbagge often posts videos on how to win the Prismatic trial of the day efficiently, which can be helpful for this achievement as well as the Mercenary achievement.

To unlock the “Going Fast Recommended” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, your goal is to reach a movement speed of 300% or more. This can be achieved through a combination of items. Here are some items that will help you reach this goal:

  1. Common Items:
    • Paul’s Goat Hoof: Adds 14% movement speed and an additional 14% for each one thereafter.
    • Energy Drink: Provides a 30% speed boost for the first one, and 20% for each subsequent one.
    • Warbanner: When you level up, it drops a yellow dome that increases movement and attack speed by 30%.
  2. Uncommon Items:
    • Red Whip: Boosts movement speed by 30% when out of combat, and another 30% for each additional Red Whip.
    • Berserker’s Pauldron: Going into a frenzy gives a 50% movement speed boost for a short time.
  3. Lunar Items:
    • Strides of Heresy: Replaces your utility with Shadow Fade and grants a 30% movement speed boost when used.
  4. Active Items:
    • Milky Chrysalis: Increases movement speed by 20% while being used.
  5. Lunar Active Items:
    • Spinel Tonic: When used, it grants a 30% movement speed boost for 15 seconds.

You can use any combination of these items, with multiple stacks of each, to reach the 300% movement speed requirement. Another strategy is to “grab a stupid amount of Drink Sodas,” as they provide the most movement speed, and sprint to achieve this goal quickly​.

How to Unlock Glorious Battle Achievement

To unlock the “Glorious Battle” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, players need to complete a specific challenge. This achievement is accomplished by completing a Teleporter Event while the player’s health is below 10%. It’s important to note that the game checks the player’s health percentage at the end of the Teleporter Event, not throughout its entire duration​.

Additionally, successfully completing this challenge also unlocks the Berzerker’s Pauldron, an item in the game.

A strategy suggested by players involves using the character Mult-I in the first world, farming 1-2 levels to increase the maximum health, and then defeating the boss before the smaller enemies (adds). After defeating the boss, players should leave one weaker enemy to reduce their health below 10% before pressing the button to end the Teleporter Event. It’s also advised to avoid picking up any items that regenerate health during this process. It’s crucial to remember that the Teleporter Event is considered “over” once it is fully charged to 100% and the boss is defeated, not when the player presses the button to leave the area.

How To Unlock Deja Vu? Achievement

To unlock the “Deja Vu?” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to complete the challenge by looping back to the first stage. This achievement is also known for granting 50 Gamerscore. Looping back to the first stage essentially means going through the game’s stages and then returning to the initial starting stage. This is a common mechanism in roguelike games like “Risk of Rain 2,” where each loop through the stages typically increases the game’s difficulty.

How To Unlock The Lone Survivor Achievement

To unlock the “The Lone Survivor” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes. This achievement rewards players with 50 Gamerscore.

One strategy to achieve this is to complete the first stage’s Teleporter Event, then defeat any remaining enemies, and wait on that stage until the timer reaches 30 minutes. This approach allows players to avoid progressing to more challenging stages too quickly, making it easier to stay alive for the required duration.

How To Unlock Macho Achievement

To unlock the “Macho” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to deal 5000 damage in a single shot. This achievement grants 20 Gamerscore upon completion.

A tip for achieving this is to gather many Crowbars, which are particularly effective when used with Survivors that can deliver single, strong hits. Characters like Loader or Artificer are suitable for this challenge. Additionally, using the slamming attack of the item H3AD-5T v2 can also be effective in completing this challenge.

How To Unlock Deicide Achievement

To unlock the “Deicide” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to defeat an Elite boss on Monsoon difficulty. Completing this challenge also unlocks the rare item Brainstalks in the game.

It’s important to note that the Elite boss must be spawned by a teleporter; merely defeating any boss or a randomly spawned Elite boss will not count towards this achievement. Elite bosses, such as the blazing, overloading types, are typically more challenging than regular bosses, adding to the difficulty of this task.

How To Unlock Newtist Achievement

To unlock the “Newtist” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players are required to discover and activate 8 unique Newt Altars. This achievement is valued at 20 points. Newt Altars are special interactable objects found in various stages throughout the game.

Activating these altars usually involves spending a resource (like Lunar Coins) to open a portal to the Bazaar Between Time, a unique location in the game. Each stage in “Risk of Rain 2” has a potential Newt Altar spawn, but their locations can vary, and not all of them are guaranteed to appear in every run. The challenge lies in identifying and activating different altars across multiple game runs.

How To Unlock Her Concepts Achievement

To unlock the “Her Concepts” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to find the Altar to N’kuhana. This achievement grants 30 Gamerscore.

The Altar to N’kuhana is always accessible in the Wetland Aspect, one of the second stages of the game. Players can find it underneath the stone ramp that hangs over the edge of the map. There is a hole leading into the cliff covered by some tree roots, which players need to locate and interact with to complete this challenge​.

Once you find the Altar, you will see a room with a massive skeleton floating in the center. To complete the “Her Concepts” achievement, you need to shoot this skeleton.

How To Unlock Naturopath Achievement

To unlock the “Naturopath” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players must reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without any healing. This challenge requires players to avoid using any items or abilities that restore health during the first three stages of the game​.

Successfully completing this challenge unlocks the Rejuvenation Rack, which is an item in the game. A key tip for this challenge is to avoid taking a Blue Portal for the 3rd Teleporter Event, as it will negate the challenge​.

How To Unlock The Long Road Achievement

To unlock “The Long Road” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to complete 20 stages in a single run. This challenge is notable for its endurance aspect, requiring players to survive through numerous stages without starting a new game. It is worth noting that this challenge does not include Hidden Realms and will only be completed on the player’s fourth visit to Sky Meadow​.

The achievement is worth 30 points, emphasizing its challenge level due to the length and endurance required​.

A strategy for completing this achievement includes unlocking and using the “Loader” Survivor and collecting specific artifacts like the “Command” and “Sacrifice” Artifacts, which can aid in surviving through the 20 stages.

How To Unlock The Demons And The Crabs Achievement

To unlock “The Demons And The Crabs” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to kill 20 Hermit Crabs by chasing them off the edge of the map. This challenge is cumulative across all runs, meaning it does not have to be completed within a single run, which can make it a bit more manageable as players can progress towards this goal over time.

Completing this challenge unlocks the Lunar item “Gesture of the Drowned.”

How To Unlock Multikill! Achievement

To unlock the “Multikill!” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to kill 15 enemies simultaneously. This challenge involves a precise and strategic approach to combat, as achieving a multikill requires the player to effectively gather and eliminate a large group of enemies in a very short timeframe.

One important tip for this achievement is that the window for landing a multikill is actually 1 second. This means that chaining together kills quickly will count towards the challenge. A recommended strategy is to use the Primordial Cube, an in-game item, to gather enemies together and then use high-damage abilities or items to eliminate them all at once.

How To Unlock Moon Worshipper Achievement

To unlock the “Moon Worshipper” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players must carry 5 Lunar items in a single run. This achievement is valued at 30 Gamerscore.

The challenge requires that all 5 Lunar items or Lunar equipment be held simultaneously, and only the currently held equipment will count towards this achievement. A useful tip for players attempting this challenge is to use the character MUL-T, as it is the only Survivor capable of carrying 2 pieces of equipment at once via the Retool ability​.

For a more straightforward approach to this challenge, it’s recommended to collect a total of 10 Lunar coins before starting a run as MUL-T. Then, players should open a Lunar pod, find a Newt altar, and purchase the four items needed for the achievement​.

How To Unlock One with the Woods Achievement

To unlock the “One with the Woods” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to fully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods. This achievement rewards players with 20 Gamerscore or points, depending on the platform.

The Shrine of the Woods is an interactable object in the game, typically offering healing and other benefits. Fully upgrading this shrine involves a series of contributions, usually in the form of the in-game currency.

How To Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Mechanic Achievement

To unlock the “Mechanic” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to repair a total of 30 drones or turrets. This challenge can be completed over multiple runs, meaning the repairs do not have to be done in a single game session​.

Successfully completing this challenge unlocks the item “The Back-up” in the game​​. Drones and turrets in “Risk of Rain 2” are found as damaged equipment on various stages and can be repaired using the in-game currency.

How To Unlock [REDACTED] Achievement

To unlock the “[REDACTED]” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta within 10 minutes. This task requires quick progression through the level and finding the chest before the 10-minute mark passes.

Upon successfully unlocking this achievement, players are rewarded with the Preon Accumulator equipment, an item in the game that can enhance gameplay​​​​​​. This challenge tests players’ ability to navigate the level efficiently and manage their time effectively to reach and unlock the chest within the stipulated time limit.

How To Unlock Ascendant Achievement

To unlock the “Ascendant” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to activate two Shrines of the Mountain on the same level and then defeat the Teleporter bosses. Activating these shrines increases the difficulty of the Teleporter event by adding additional bosses to the fight.

This achievement is straightforward but can be challenging, as activating the Shrines of the Mountain increases the number and difficulty of the bosses players must defeat during the Teleporter event. The achievement is worth 30 points, highlighting its challenge level.

How To Unlock Funded! Achievement

To unlock the “Funded!” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to accumulate a total of $30,480 in gold. This amount can be collected over multiple runs and does not need to be done in a single game session​.

The figure of $30,480 is significant as it was the amount raised during the crowdfunding campaign for the original “Risk of Rain” game​​. This achievement rewards players for their in-game earnings, highlighting their ability to gather resources over time.

How To Unlock Pause Achievement

To unlock the “Pause.” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to free the survivor suspended in time. This challenge is worth 30 Gamerscore.

To complete this challenge, players should start by collecting at least ten Lunar Coins, which persist between runs and are dropped at random by enemies. The next step is to find a Newt Altar and pay one coin to the altar, so the Blue Portal spawns upon fully charging the Teleporter. This will allow players to access the Bazaar Between Realms, where the suspended survivor can be found and freed​.

Finally, players will need to spend 10 Lunar Coins at the Bazaar Between Realms to release the character from suspension. The Bazaar can be accessed either by a random blue portal spawn or by spending a Lunar Coin at a Newt Statue/Altar​.

How To Unlock Engineering Perfection Achievement

To unlock the “Engineering Perfection” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to complete a total of 30 stages. This achievement is valued at 30 Gamerscore and can be accomplished over multiple runs, allowing players to progress towards this goal over time.

Completing this challenge also unlocks the Engineer character in the game, adding to the roster of available characters for players to use.

How To Unlock Warrior Achievement

To unlock the “Warrior” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without dying. This achievement is valued at 30 Gamerscore and requires players to successfully navigate through the first three stages of the game without losing a life.

Upon completing this challenge, players unlock the Bandit Survivor, adding a new character to their playable roster​​. In another version of the game, completing this challenge unlocks the Huntress class​​.

How To Unlock Verified Achievement

To unlock the “Verified” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players are required to complete the first Teleporter event a total of five times. This achievement is relatively straightforward and rewards players with 20 Gamerscore upon completion.

Completing this challenge unlocks the playable character MUL-T in the game. MUL-T is one of the several unique characters in “Risk of Rain 2,” each with their own abilities and playstyle.

How To Unlock True Respite Achievement

To unlock the “True Respite” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players need to complete the challenge of obliterating themselves at the Obelisk. The Obelisk is located in a hidden level that can only be reached via the Celestial Portal. This achievement involves a unique aspect of gameplay, where instead of surviving and defeating enemies, players must reach the Obelisk and choose to obliterate themselves​​​​​​.

This challenge unlocks the Mercenary character, adding another option to the player’s roster of playable characters. The Mercenary offers a distinct playstyle, providing a fresh gaming experience in “Risk of Rain 2″​​.

Reaching the Obelisk requires players to navigate through the game until they can access the Celestial Portal, which leads to the hidden level with the Obelisk.

How To Unlock Guidance Offline Achievement

To unlock the “Guidance Offline” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” players must complete the challenge of defeating the Alloy Worship Unit in the stage called Siren’s Call. This challenge was introduced with the Skills 2.0 Update. The unique aspect of this achievement is that the Alloy Worship Unit, the boss required for the achievement, only spawns after players have destroyed a specific number of Alloy Vulture nests within the Siren’s Call stage.

The Alloy Worship Unit is a formidable enemy, characterized by its high health and damage output, making this challenge particularly demanding. Players must strategically navigate Siren’s Call, identify and destroy the vulture nests to spawn the Alloy Worship Unit, and then successfully defeat it to complete the challenge.

Completing this challenge rewards players by unlocking the survivor Loader, a playable character in “Risk of Rain 2.”

How To Unlock Cosmic Explorer Achievement

The “Cosmic Explorer” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is unlocked by discovering and entering three unique portals. There are five different types of portals you can use to achieve this:

  1. Gold Portal: Leads to the Gilded Coast, activated via a Gold Altar.
  2. Blue Portal: Takes you to the Bazaar, opened by spending a lunar coin at a Newt Altar.
  3. Black Portal: Leads to the Void Fields, found behind the portal in the Bazaar.
  4. Big Artificial Portal: Opens up Bulwark’s Ambry, activated by entering a code at the Artifact portal on Sky Meadow.
  5. Celestial Portal: Appears after finishing the teleporter event on stage 8.

How To Unlock I Love Dying! Achievement

The “I Love Dying!” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is relatively straightforward to complete. It involves a simple, albeit somewhat grim, task: dying 20 times in the game. This challenge, introduced in an early access content update, tests your resilience and perseverance as you face the game’s challenges. By achieving this, you unlock the “Forgive Me Please” equipment, adding a new dimension to your gameplay.

How To Unlock True Respite Achievement

The “True Respite” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is achieved by obliterating yourself at the Obelisk. To accomplish this, you need to open a Celestial Portal, which becomes available after completing the teleporter event on the seventh stage. Once the portal is open, go through it, and make your way down to the bottom of the realm where the Obelisk is located. Interacting with the Obelisk will grant you the achievement, along with unlocking the Mercenary character and rewarding you with 5 Lunar coins. This task can be completed on any difficulty level, including easy.

This achievement is a significant challenge, as it requires not only reaching the seventh stage but also successfully navigating the Celestial Portal’s realm and making the choice to obliterate yourself at the Obelisk.

How To Unlock Flawless Achievement

The “Flawless” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is earned by fully charging a Teleporter without getting hit. This achievement poses a significant challenge as it requires you to avoid all damage during the teleporter charging process, which can be quite difficult given the enemies that spawn during this time.

There are strategies that can make this challenge easier, especially in multiplayer. One such strategy involves having the player(s) who need the achievement stay inside their Escape Pods for the entire stage, while the other players proceed and charge the Teleporter. Additionally, playing as the Engineer and using the Bubble Shield can provide an effective way to avoid taking damage while charging the Teleporter.

The achievement is worth 30 points and also unlocks the Backup Magazine item.

How To Unlock Warm For Life Achievement

The “Warm For Life” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is obtained by dying three times while afflicted with the Burn, Hellfire, or Stronger Burn debuff. This challenge was introduced in the Skills 2.0 Update. To achieve this, you need to seek out specific enemies that can inflict these types of burn debuffs on your character. Notable enemies that can set the player on fire include Blazing Elites, Magma Worms, Elder Lemurians, and Grandparents.

One of the most straightforward strategies to complete this challenge is to engage with Elite Monsters that have the blazing attribute, as they can easily inflict the required burn debuffs. It’s important to note that you need to die from the burn effect itself, not just while having the debuff, so careful management of your health and positioning is key to successfully achieving this.

How To Unlock Cut Down Achievement

The “Cut Down” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is obtained by defeating a total of 500 Elite Monsters. This challenge, introduced in the Scorched Acres Update, can be completed over multiple runs, allowing players to progressively work towards the goal across their gameplay sessions.

Elite Monsters in “Risk of Rain 2” are more powerful variants of regular enemies, often identified by their unique colors and additional abilities. Successfully defeating these challenging foes not only tests a player’s combat skills and strategies but also contributes to the progress of unlocking this achievement.

How To Unlock Warmonger Achievement

The “Warmonger” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is earned by activating and completing three Shrines of Combat within a single stage. This challenge was introduced with the Scorched Acres Update. The key to unlocking this achievement is to find and successfully clear three Shrines of Combat, which are special interactable objects in the game that, when activated, spawn a group of monsters for the player to defeat.

One tip for achieving this is to explore the Abyssal Depths, as this stage commonly has a lot of Shrines of Combat. Successfully completing this challenge not only grants the achievement but also permanently unlocks the War Horn item, allowing it to drop in subsequent runs of the game.

How To Unlock Rapidfire Achievement

The “Rapidfire” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is earned by reaching a +200% attack speed. This significant increase in attack speed can be achieved through accumulating certain items during your run. One of the most straightforward methods to reach this goal is by collecting at least 14 Soldier’s Syringes, as each syringe increases attack speed by 15%, with each additional syringe adding another 15% to the total. Another item that can help in achieving this goal is the Berzerker’s Pauldron, which grants a speed boost after killing four enemies in quick succession.

How To Unlock Cleanup Duty Achievement

The “Cleanup Duty” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is achieved by destroying 20 flying rocks in the Sky Meadow stage. Sky Meadow is typically guaranteed on stage 5 of the game. Once you reach this stage, head to the middle of the map, where you’ll notice rocks shooting by. These rocks can be targeted and destroyed using certain skills and equipment, such as the Royal Capacitor. Successfully destroying 20 of these flying rocks will complete the challenge, contributing to your overall achievement progress in the game.

How To Unlock “…To Be Left Alone” Achievement

The “…To Be Left Alone” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is completed by finishing the Void Fields, a hidden realm accessed through the Bazaar Between Time. To reach the Void Fields, you must find a hidden cave under the Bazaar in the Bazaar Between Time, leading to a purple portal. Once in the Void Fields, the objective is to ‘Stabilize the Cell’. This challenge was introduced in the Hidden Realms Update and is known for its complexity due to the hidden nature of the Void Fields and the challenge they present.

Completing this challenge will unlock the survivor Acrid, a unique character in the game.

How To Unlock Washed Away Achievement

The “Washed Away” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is awarded for defeating the final boss and beating the game. Completing this challenge unlocks the Captain as a playable Survivor. To achieve this, you need to beat Mithrix and successfully escape the Moon Detonation. This achievement is a significant milestone in the game, representing the completion of the main storyline and the mastery of the game’s mechanics and challenges.

How To Unlock “…Maybe One More.” Achievement

The “…Maybe One More.” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is achieved by duplicating the same item seven times in a row using a 3D Printer. This challenge requires players to find a 3D Printer and then repeatedly use it to duplicate the same item. It’s important to note that the 3D Printer will take the items it prints if no others are present in the player’s inventory, but this won’t count towards the achievement. The player must actively choose to duplicate the same item.

How To Unlock Blackout Achievement

The “Blackout” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is completed by defeating Aurelionite, the unique guardian of the Gilded Coast stage, without allowing any of the Halcyon Beacons to deactivate. This challenge was introduced in the Scorched Acres Update and requires a balance of combat proficiency and strategic play to keep the beacons active while battling Aurelionite.

A useful strategy for this challenge is playing as the Engineer, as his Bubble Shield can effectively block Aurelionite’s laser attacks, which can be crucial in maintaining the beacons’ active state.

How To Unlock Power Plant Achievement

he “Power Plant” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2” is completed by repairing a broken robot with an Escape Pod’s Fuel Array. The challenge requires players to carry the Fuel Array from the Escape Pod to the Abyssal Depths stage, where they can then use it to repair the broken robot. This achievement unlocks REX, a survivor character in the game.

A notable tip for achieving this in multiplayer is that the character MUL-T can easily complete this challenge by using its Retool ability. MUL-T can take the Fuel Array from another player’s Escape Pod and immediately swap it into the second equipment slot. It’s important to note that the effects of the Fuel Array will only come into play if it is in the active equipment slot.

How To Unlock Automation Activation Achievement

To unlock the “Automation Activation” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” the challenge involves purchasing six Gunner Turrets in a single run. This means you can accumulate the turrets over several stages within the same run. The primary goal is to activate a total of six turrets at any point during your playthrough​​​​.

When attempting to complete this achievement, consider the following:

Gunner Turret Locations: Pay attention to the map layouts in each stage and look out for Gunner Turrets that can be purchased.
Resource Management: Ensure you have enough resources (like money or other in-game currencies) to purchase the turrets when you find them. This might involve prioritizing resource collection in the early stages of your run.
Game Progression: Since you can purchase the turrets over several stages, it’s essential to survive and progress through the game while keeping an eye out for the turrets.

How To Unlock Huntress: Finishing Touch Achievement

To unlock the “Huntress: Finishing Touch” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” you must complete a specific challenge while playing as the Huntress character. The requirement for this achievement is to land a killing blow with every possible hit of a single Laser Glaive. In practical terms, this means you need to kill seven enemies with one glaive, with each hit resulting in a kill​​​​.

To achieve this, here are some strategies:

  1. Use Crowbars: Stacking several Crowbars early in a run can significantly increase your damage output. This boost can make it possible to one-shot enemies with each hit of the glaive, making it easier to fulfill the achievement’s requirement​​.
  2. Play on Drizzle Difficulty: Attempting this challenge on the Drizzle difficulty level can make the task more manageable. The lower difficulty level generally means weaker enemies, increasing your chances of one-shotting them with the Laser Glaive​​.
  3. Item Stacking: Besides Crowbars, consider stacking other damage-enhancing items like the Delicate Watch. This strategy focuses on maximizing the damage of each glaive throw to ensure each hit is lethal​​.

How To Unlock Commando: Godspeed Achievement

To unlock the “Commando: Godspeed” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” you need to complete a specific challenge as the Commando character. The objective is to fully charge the Teleporter on the first stage before the timer reaches 5 minutes. There are a couple of strategies to make this task easier:

  1. Prismatic Trial Mode: Attempting this challenge in the Prismatic Trial mode can be beneficial because the Teleporter instantly charges once the Teleporter Boss is defeated. This could significantly reduce the time required to complete the task​​.
  2. Playing on Drizzle Difficulty: Another strategy is to play on the Drizzle difficulty level. This setting is generally easier and allows you to quickly locate and start the Teleporter event. The lower difficulty level might make it more feasible to achieve the goal within the 5-minute time limit​​.

How To Unlock Engineer: Better With Friends Achievement

To unlock the “Engineer: Better With Friends” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” you must complete a challenge as the Engineer character. The requirement is to recruit 12 minions and have them all alive simultaneously. Minions in this context include various types of drones, the Engineer’s Turrets, Squid Turrets spawned from Squid Polyp, ghosts spawned from Happiest Mask, and Strike Drones from The Back-up. The achievement can be completed by gathering these minions through in-game purchases or by using certain items that spawn or transform enemies into allies​​​​.

Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Focus on Minion-Generating Items: Equip items that generate minions, like the Happiest Mask or Squid Polyp. These items can help in quickly increasing your minion count.
  2. Utilize Engineer’s Turrets Effectively: As an Engineer, your turrets count as minions. Place them strategically to ensure they survive while you gather other minions.
  3. Resource Management: Ensure you have enough resources to purchase drones and other minion-generating items throughout your run.
  4. Survival of Minions: It’s important that all 12 minions are alive at the same time. So, you need to protect them from getting destroyed, which might involve choosing safer routes or quickly dealing with threats that can damage your minions.
  5. Use of Fuel Cells: Having two Fuel Cells can be beneficial. These items allow for more frequent use of equipment that can summon or create minions, thus helping you reach the target of 12 minions faster.
  6. Game Mode and Difficulty: Consider playing on lower difficulty settings or in game modes where it is easier to accumulate resources and protect your minions.

How To Unlock Huntress: One Shot, One Kill Achievement

To unlock the “Huntress: One Shot, One Kill” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” the challenge requires you to play as the Huntress character and collect and carry 12 Crowbars at once. There are several strategies to achieve this:

  1. 3D Printers for Crowbars: A straightforward way to complete this challenge is to find a 3D Printer that prints Crowbars. You can use this printer until you have accumulated 12 Crowbars. However, keep in mind that using a 3D Printer might require some luck, and it can also replace other important items if you are not using scrap​​​​.
  2. Shrine of Order Strategy: Another method to achieve this is by using a Shrine of Order while you are holding a Crowbar. This method relies on the shrine’s ability to randomize your items, which can result in you getting multiple Crowbars​​.
  3. Simulacrum Mode: Playing in the Simulacrum mode can also be effective for this achievement. This mode allows you to accumulate a large number of items in a single game, increasing your chances of getting multiple Crowbars either through drops, purchases, or 3D Printers​​.

It’s important to note that this achievement focuses on item accumulation rather than combat skills or progress through the game’s stages. Therefore, your primary goal should be to explore the game’s levels thoroughly, looking for 3D Printers, Shrines of Order, or other opportunities to gain Crowbars.

How To Unlock Engineer: Zero Sum Achievement

The “Engineer: Zero Sum” challenge in “Risk of Rain 2” is completed by finishing charging the Teleporter with zero Monsters remaining on the stage. This specific challenge requires a strategic approach, as you need to ensure that no monsters are alive when the Teleporter finishes charging.

Here’s a suggested strategy to complete this challenge:

  1. Charge the Teleporter to 99%: One method involves charging the Teleporter to 99% without killing the Teleporter Boss. At this point, no more monsters will naturally spawn. This allows you to clear out any remaining monsters without the pressure of new ones appearing.
  2. Step Out of the Area: Just before the teleporter charging reaches 100%, you can step out of the area. This temporarily stops the charging process, giving you time to ensure there are no enemies around. Once the area is clear, you can step back in to finish the charging process with no monsters present​​​​.
  3. Kill All Enemies on Stage: The core of the challenge is to kill all the enemies on the stage before the teleporter finishes charging. This might require efficient use of the Engineer’s abilities and turrets to quickly deal with enemies as they appear​​.

Successfully completing this challenge as the Engineer not only unlocks the achievement but also unlocks the Thermal Harpoons skill for the character​​.

How To Unlock Acrid: Easy Prey Achievement

To unlock the “Acrid: Easy Prey” achievement in “Risk of Rain 2,” you need to complete a challenge as the character Acrid. The specific requirement for this achievement is to land the killing blow on 50 total enemies that each have only 1 hit point left. This challenge can be approached strategically using Acrid’s unique abilities:

  1. Use Poison Skill: Acrid’s poison skill is key to completing this challenge. When you poison an enemy, the poison will gradually reduce their health. You need to leave the poisoned enemy alone until the poison has reduced their health to just 1 HP. At that point, you can deal the final blow to complete the kill​​​​.
  2. Cumulative Progress: The achievement counts your progress cumulatively, meaning you don’t have to kill all 50 enemies in one run. You can gradually work towards the goal over multiple runs, making it a more manageable task​​.
  3. Unlocking Blight Skill: Successfully completing this challenge not only earns you the achievement but also unlocks the Blight skill for Acrid, enhancing your gameplay experience with this character​​.

The main strategy is to balance between using Acrid’s poison skill effectively and being patient enough to allow the poison to nearly deplete an enemy’s health before landing the final blow. It requires a bit of timing and precision but is a feasible challenge given Acrid’s skill set.

How To Unlock Mercenary: Demon of the Skies Achievement

To unlock the “Mercenary: Demon of the Skies” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Play as Mercenary: You need to play as the Mercenary character. If you haven’t unlocked Mercenary yet, you’ll need to complete at least 7 stages to access the Celestial Portal and loop back to stage 5​​.
  2. Obtain Milky Chrysalis: This equipment is crucial as it allows you to fly. Find the Milky Chrysalis as soon as possible in your game run​​​​.
  3. Use Milky Chrysalis: Once you have Milky Chrysalis, use it to fly. The ability lasts for 15 seconds, but with items like fuel cells, you can extend this duration. Aim to get as high as possible by manipulating your movement​​.
  4. Maintain Airborne State for 30 Seconds: While flying, use your dash and special abilities to stay airborne and target flying monsters to maintain your altitude. You need to remain flying for a total of 30 seconds to unlock the achievement​​.

Remember, the key is to stay in the air for 30 seconds continuously, which can be challenging but is made easier with the right equipment and strategy.

How To Unlock Artificer: Orbital Bombardment Achievement

To unlock the “Artificer: Orbital Bombardment” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, which grants an alternative ability for the Flamethrower slot, follow these steps:

  1. Play as Artificer: Start your game as the Artificer character.
  2. Objective: The goal of this achievement is to defeat 15 enemies without touching the ground after becoming airborne​​​​.
  3. Preparation and Equipment:
    • Hopoo Feathers: It’s recommended to grab 2-3 Hopoo feathers for extra mobility​​.
    • Artifact of Command: Obtaining the Artifact of Command can make your run easier, although it’s not mandatory​​.
    • Volcanic Egg Equipment: Using the Volcanic Egg equipment can propel you higher into the air, giving you more time to float and target enemies​​.
  4. Location:
    • Rallypoint Delta: Try to reach Rallypoint Delta (the snowy area). This map is ideal because of its high points and abundance of destructible items​​​​.
    • Find a High Point: Once at Rallypoint Delta, do not engage with any enemies initially. Instead, find the highest point on the map​​.
  5. Execution:
    • Jump and Glide: From the highest point, jump off and start gliding. While in the air, focus on shooting at enemies and destructible items like fuel barrels, which also count as kills​​​​.
    • Maintain Airborne State: Use your abilities and any mobility items you have to stay in the air and continue attacking enemies without touching the ground​​.
  6. Achievement Completion: Once you have successfully defeated 15 enemies while airborne, the “Artificer: Orbital Bombardment” achievement will be unlocked, giving you access to the new ability for the Artificer​​​​.

How To Unlock MUL-T: Pest Control Achievement

To unlock the “MUL-T: Pest Control” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Play as MUL-T: Choose MUL-T as your character for the run.
  2. Objective: The achievement requires you to defeat two Beetle Queens without leaving the teleporter zone​​​​.
  3. Use the Artifact of Swarms: Activating the Artifact of Swarms is a recommended strategy because it doubles monster spawns and halves their health. This applies to all monsters, including elite monsters, teleporter bosses, and unique bosses. Therefore, this artifact increases the likelihood of spawning two Beetle Queens during a teleporter event​​​​.
  4. Alternative Methods: If you don’t have the Artifact of Swarms, you can activate a Shrine of the Mountains within the stage, which increases the number of teleporter bosses. Additionally, playing with other players can also increase the number of bosses that spawn. You don’t need to land the killing blow on the Beetle Queens; as long as you stay within the teleporter zone, you will get credited for the achievement​​.
  5. Location and Enemies: Beetle Queens spawn as bosses exclusively on the maps Titanic Plains, Distant Roost, Wetland Aspect, and Abandoned Aqueduct. They can also rarely appear during a family event on Sky Meadow​​.
  6. Avoid Focused Convergence: Do not pick up the focused convergence, as it may increase the chance of accidentally leaving the teleporter zone. Instead, prioritize damage-increasing items like the crit glasses or armor-piercing rounds.

How To Unlock Loader: Earthshatter Achievement

To unlock the “Loader: Earthshatter” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, which allows you to access the Thunder Gauntlet alternate skill, follow these strategies:

  1. Basic Strategy: Your goal is to land a Charged Gauntlet hit on an enemy at a speed of 300mph or higher. This requires more than just a full charge; it involves specific movement and positioning​​.
  2. Recommended Approach:
    • Charge and Grapple: Charge the gauntlet and hold the charge. Grapple an enemy and let yourself be pulled towards it.
    • Jump and Release: When you’re close enough, jump and release the charge at approximately 1 meter before reaching the enemy​​.
  3. Alternate Methods:
    • High Place Jump: Find a high spot on the map, charge your punch, jump off, and let gravity increase your speed before landing the punch on an enemy below​​.
    • Max Distance Grapple: Grapple from maximum distance with your fist charged while running. This method is especially effective on bosses due to their large size​​.
    • Stage 1 Challenge: It’s possible to complete this challenge on stage 1 without any movement speed boosting items. Continuously grapple the boss and punch at different points in your swing until the challenge is completed​​.
    • Speedy Items Stacking: If you struggle with the above methods, consider stacking speedy items like spinel, red whips, goat hoofs, and hoping for a berserker’s pauldron activation​​.
    • Simple Grapple and Punch: Sometimes, a straightforward approach works best. Just grapple somewhere, swing quickly, and punch an enemy. This method doesn’t require movement speed items​​.

How To Unlock Engineer: 100% Calculated Achievement

To unlock the “Engineer: 100% Calculated” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to complete a specific challenge as the Engineer. This involves defeating the Teleporter Boss in less than five seconds after it spawns​​​​. To achieve this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Play as Engineer: Begin a game session in Risk of Rain 2 with the Engineer character.
  2. Obtain Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn: This item is crucial as it can make the challenge significantly easier. When equipped, it allows you to potentially kill the Teleporter Boss in a single hit​​​​.
  3. Build Optimization: Focus on building your Engineer’s capabilities to maximize damage output. Equip Lens-Maker’s Glasses to reach a 100% critical rate, and stack items like Predatory Instincts and Soldier’s Syringe to increase attack speed, enhancing your overall damage potential​​.
  4. Locate and Activate the Teleporter: Progress through the stage until you find the Teleporter.
  5. Engage the Teleporter Boss: Once the Teleporter is activated, the boss will spawn. Be ready to engage immediately.
  6. Defeat the Boss Quickly: Utilize your abilities and items to defeat the Teleporter Boss within five seconds of its appearance. This is where the Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn can be particularly effective if you’ve obtained it.
  7. Achievement Unlocked: Successfully completing this challenge will unlock the “Engineer: 100% Calculated” achievement.

How To Unlock Huntress: Piercing Wind Achievement

To complete the “Huntress: Piercing Wind” challenge in Risk of Rain 2, you need to start and finish either the Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres stages without your health dropping below 100% at any point. This includes both your actual health and shields, as losing shield strength is also considered losing health for the purpose of this challenge. Here are some strategies and tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. Select the Right Stage: You need to complete either the Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres stages without taking any damage​​.
  2. Understand Health and Shields: It’s important to note that for this challenge, your shields count as part of your health. So, you must avoid losing any shields as well. However, barriers do not count as health, which means items that grant barrier can be very helpful​​.
  3. Stack Topaz Brooch for Barriers: Since barriers are not considered health, stacking Topaz Brooch is a recommended strategy. It provides a small barrier on killing enemies, which can protect you from taking actual health or shield damage. Use the first two stages to gather as many Topaz Brooches as possible. The Artifact of Command, if you have it, can help you select items from chests, making it easier to accumulate Topaz Brooches​​.
  4. Consider Tougher Times for Damage Block: Picking up a few Tougher Times can give you a chance to block incoming damage, reducing the likelihood of your health being hit.
  5. Play on Lower Difficulty and Move Fast: Playing on the Drizzle difficulty, which is the game’s lowest, can make this challenge less daunting. Also, try to move through the first two stages quickly to avoid the scaling difficulty and the increase in enemy toughness​​.
  6. Strategic Gameplay in Stage Three: Once you reach the third stage, focus on reaching and activating the teleporter as soon as possible. Avoid engaging with enemies unless absolutely necessary. Use the Huntress’ Arrow Rain ability for attacking from a distance and staying out of harm’s way​​.
  7. Multiplayer Strategy: Alternatively, you can complete the challenge more easily by joining a multiplayer game. Let your teammates handle most of the combat while you focus on avoiding damage. This approach requires less combat but relies on effective team play and mobility​​.

How To Unlock Commando: Rolling Thunder Achievement

To unlock the “Commando: Rolling Thunder” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you must defeat an Overloading Worm as the Commando character. Here are some detailed steps and tips for achieving this:

  1. Understand the Challenge: The achievement requires you to land the killing blow on an Overloading Worm while playing as the Commando​​​​​​.
  2. Identify the Overloading Worm: The Overloading Worm is not just an elite version of the Magma Worm; it’s a separate boss monster. It’s easily recognizable by its blue lightning attacks when it surfaces​​.
  3. Play Through Later Stages: Overloading Worms generally appear in the later stages of the game, typically after the first two loops. They are more likely to spawn in stages like Rallypoint Delta, Abyssal Depths, Sky Meadow, and Bulwark’s Ambry​​​​. On higher difficulty levels like Monsoon, they may appear sooner, potentially as early as stage 10​​.
  4. Combat Strategy: Overloading Worms are formidable foes with large health pools. They can be lethal, especially for low-level characters. Keep your distance to avoid their lightning attacks. When you see the screen darken, indicating an imminent ground attack, use this as a cue to jump or dash away. Focus on using high-damage attacks as opposed to AoE or crowd control, which are less effective against this boss​​.
  5. Use the Artifact of Command: If you have it, using the Artifact of Command can make your run easier by allowing you to choose your items, thus building a stronger character for the challenge​​.
  6. Achievement Reward: Successfully completing this challenge unlocks the Commando’s Phase Blast secondary attack. This attack fires two close-range shots dealing 8×200% damage each, trading off the Commando’s long-range piercing attack for more effective crowd control​​.

Remember, this achievement can be challenging due to the strength and abilities of the Overloading Worm. It will likely require a mix of good gear, strategy, and perhaps several attempts.

How To Unlock The Calm Achievement

To unlock “The Calm” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, the main objective is to beat the game on the Monsoon difficulty. Here’s a simplified overview:

  1. Challenge Requirement: The challenge is to complete the game on Monsoon difficulty. This is the highest difficulty level in the game and presents a significant challenge even for experienced players​​​​.
  2. Victory Conditions: To successfully complete the challenge, your run must be considered a victory, which means you need to escape from the final stage, Commencement​​.
  3. Recommended Strategy: An effective strategy could involve stacking certain items for survival and combat efficiency. Items like Gesture of the Drowned, Fuel Cells, Teddy Bears, and the Royal Capacitor can be particularly helpful​​.
  4. Understanding Victory: Beating the game on this difficulty level typically means defeating the final boss. There’s some subtlety in the wording of the challenge, but ultimately, it boils down to successfully completing the final stage of the game​​.

How To Unlock Artificer: Massacre Achievement

To unlock the “Artificer: Massacre” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to complete a specific challenge as the Artificer character. The challenge involves performing a multikill of 20 enemies. Here are some tips and strategies to help you achieve this:

  1. Understand the Multikill Requirement: A multikill for this achievement means killing a streak of enemies, and if a full second passes without a kill, the streak resets​​.
  2. Effective Use of Equipment: Using the Primordial Cube can be highly effective for this challenge. The cube groups up a lot of enemies, making it easier to hit multiple targets at once​​​​.
  3. Item Recommendations: Having a few Will-o’-the-wisps can assist in dealing with the grouped enemies, as these items explode on enemy deaths, potentially causing a chain reaction of kills​​.
  4. Artifact of Command and Artifact of Swarm: Using the Artifact of Command can make your run easier by allowing you to choose your items, thus improving your chances of getting the necessary gear for this challenge. Additionally, the Artifact of Swarm can be useful as it doubles the number of enemies spawned but halves their health, creating more opportunities for multikills​​.

Successfully completing this challenge unlocks the Artificer’s Plasma Bolt Primary skill.

How To Unlock Huntress: Mastery Achievement

To unlock the “Huntress: Mastery” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to beat the game or obliterate on Monsoon difficulty while playing as the Huntress.

Begin a new game on Monsoon difficulty. This is the hardest difficulty in Risk of Rain 2 and presents a significant challenge. Use the Artifact of Command, Artifact of Sacrifice, and Artifact of Swarms to make your run easier. The Artifact of Command allows you to select your items, improving your chances of getting the gear you need. The Artifact of Swarms doubles the number of enemies but halves their health, increasing the opportunities for item drops. If you struggle with certain enemies, also consider equipping the Artifact of Kin.

In the initial stages, focus on farming monsters and picking up useful items. Collect 5-15 Tougher Times for damage block, healing items like Cautious Slug, Harvester’s Scythe, and Leeching Seed for sustain, and items that boost your damage output. If you come across a red item, Homing Daggers are highly recommended. The goal is to survive and build strength in the early stages​​.

How To Unlock Acrid: Pandemic Achievement

To unlock the “Acrid: Pandemic” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to focus on a specific objective involving the character Acrid. This achievement is tied to Acrid’s unique gameplay mechanics, particularly his ability to inflict poison on enemies. The goal for unlocking “Acrid: Pandemic” is to simultaneously afflict a significant number of enemies with poison.

To achieve this, start by selecting Acrid as your character. Acrid’s poison abilities are key to this challenge. You’ll need to navigate through the game, ideally reaching stages where enemy density is high, such as later levels or areas with a lot of spawn points. This makes it easier to poison multiple enemies at once.

Use Acrid’s poison skills strategically. His primary attack and certain special abilities let you inflict poison on enemies. Poison damage stacks over time, so your focus should be on spreading this effect among as many enemies as possible, rather than targeting individual foes.

Timing and positioning are crucial. Wait for a moment when a large group of enemies is clustered together. This often happens during intense battles or at specific points in each level where enemies tend to gather. Once you’ve found a suitable group, unleash Acrid’s poison abilities to spread the effect quickly among them.

How To Unlock Commando: Incorruptible Achievement

Unlocking the “Commando: Incorruptible” achievement in Risk of Rain 2 requires a different approach compared to other character-specific achievements. This achievement is specifically tied to the Commando character and is focused on avoiding damage under challenging circumstances.

To unlock “Commando: Incorruptible”, you must complete the first stage of the game without taking any damage. This challenge tests your evasive skills and understanding of the Commando’s abilities.

Start by selecting Commando as your character. The Commando is known for his versatility and balanced skill set, which includes a rapid-fire basic attack, a piercing shot, a tactical roll for dodging, and a stunning suppressive fire ability.

The key to achieving this goal is to use the Commando’s mobility to your advantage. The tactical roll, in particular, is crucial for dodging enemy attacks. It provides a brief moment of invulnerability, which you can use to avoid damage from enemy projectiles or close-range attacks.

You should also focus on maintaining a safe distance from enemies. Use the Commando’s range to your advantage, picking off enemies from a distance. Be mindful of your surroundings, and keep moving to avoid being cornered or surprised by enemy spawns.

How To Unlock Captain: Worth Every Penny Achievement

To unlock the “Captain: Worth Every Penny” achievement in Risk of Rain 2, you need to focus on a specific objective related to the Captain, one of the playable characters in the game. This achievement requires a strategic approach, leveraging the Captain’s unique abilities.

The challenge is to obliterate yourself at the Obelisk while having the Captain’s Microbots active. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieve this:

  1. Play as the Captain: First, ensure you have the Captain unlocked and select him as your character. The Captain has a defensive Microbot ability that automatically shoots down nearby enemy projectiles.
  2. Progress Through the Game: Play through the levels as you normally would. Your objective is to reach the Celestial Portal that appears after the fifth stage (after looping once through the stages or directly after stage 5 on the Sky Meadow if you choose to go directly to the Primordial Teleporter and align it to the moon).
  3. Ensure Microbots Are Active: As you progress, make sure that the Captain’s Microbot ability is active. These Microbots are a default part of the Captain’s loadout and should be with you from the start. They automatically regenerate over time if lost during combat.
  4. Reach the Obelisk: Once you enter the Celestial Portal, you’ll find yourself in A Moment, Fractured. Navigate this area to find the Obelisk, a large, stone-like structure in the center of this environment.
  5. Obliterate Yourself at the Obelisk: Interact with the Obelisk while the Microbots are active. To obliterate yourself, you’ll typically have to confirm the action when prompted after interacting with the Obelisk.

How To Unlock Captain: Wanderlust Achievement

Unlocking the “Captain: Wanderlust” achievement in Risk of Rain 2 involves a different strategy, focused on exploration and utilizing the Captain’s unique ability to call down beacons.

Here’s how to unlock “Captain: Wanderlust”:

  1. Choose the Captain: Start a game with the Captain as your character. The Captain is a versatile character with a special ability to call down different types of beacons from orbit.
  2. Understand the Beacon Mechanic: The Captain’s special ability allows him to call down utility beacons. These include Healing, Shocking, and Hacking beacons. You need to understand how to use these beacons effectively for various purposes.
  3. Collect Lunar Coins: During your run, you need to collect Lunar Coins. These coins are occasionally dropped by enemies and can be used to purchase items from Lunar Pods or to access the Bazaar Between Time, a special shop located in a hidden realm.
  4. Access the Bazaar Between Time: To enter the Bazaar, either find a blue portal that appears after activating the teleporter (which can be spawned by spending a Lunar Coin) or use a Lunar Portal, which appears randomly and can be accessed with Lunar Coins.
  5. Visit Different Newt Altars: In the Bazaar Between Time, you will find Newt Altars. These altars allow the Captain to call down his beacons in this unique environment. The challenge here is to visit different Newt Altars across different runs. Each altar allows you to call down a beacon, which is necessary for the achievement.
  6. Complete the Task in Multiple Runs: Since the achievement requires visiting different Newt Altars, you’ll need to play multiple runs. Each time you access the Bazaar, find a Newt Altar and use the Captain’s ability to call down a beacon.

How To Unlock Bandit: Classic Man Achievement

Here’s how to unlock the “Bandit: Classic Man” achievement:

  1. Select Bandit: Start a game with Bandit as your character. Bandit is a high-risk, high-reward character known for his stealth abilities and powerful single-shot attacks.
  2. Understand Bandit’s Skills: The key to this achievement is Bandit’s ability to reset all skill cooldowns upon killing an enemy. This is central to his playstyle, allowing for rapid, successive kills if timed correctly.
  3. Stack ‘Lights Out’ Kills: The achievement requires you to stack 20 or more kills in a row with Bandit’s ‘Lights Out’ skill. ‘Lights Out’ is Bandit’s special ability, a powerful shot that deals significant damage. It’s crucial to kill an enemy with this ability to reset its cooldown.
  4. Find an Enemy-Dense Area: Look for areas in the game where enemies are densely packed. This increases your chances of finding targets for ‘Lights Out’ and maintaining your kill streak.
  5. Execute Precise Timing: You need to be precise with your ‘Lights Out’ shots. Only use it when you’re confident it will kill an enemy, as failing to kill an enemy with ‘Lights Out’ breaks the streak and you have to start over.
  6. Maintain the Streak: Keep the streak going by continuously using ‘Lights Out’ to kill enemies. Remember, each kill with this ability resets its cooldown, allowing you to use it immediately again.
  7. Repeat Until Achievement Unlocks: You need to keep this process up until you’ve successfully stacked 20 kills in a row with ‘Lights Out’. This requires patience, skill, and a bit of luck with enemy placements and health.

How To Unlock Loader: Swing By Achievement

The Loader is a melee-focused character with a grappling hook that allows for high mobility and unique combat strategies.

To achieve the “Loader: Swing By” unlock, your objective is to reach and complete the third teleporter event without touching the ground once the first teleporter has been started. This task requires careful use of Loader’s grappling hook and an understanding of the game’s stages.

Start by selecting Loader as your character. Focus on getting through the first two stages as you normally would, gearing up and preparing for the challenge ahead. It’s advisable to collect items that enhance mobility or provide aerial benefits, as these will aid in your attempt to stay off the ground.

Once you initiate the first teleporter event, the challenge begins. From this point, you must avoid touching the ground. Use Loader’s grappling hook to swing from point to point, attaching it to terrain, enemies, or other objects in the environment. The grappling hook is key to maintaining your position off the ground, so practice using it to navigate and stay airborne.

Timing and trajectory are crucial. You’ll need to carefully plan each swing to ensure you don’t fall to the ground. It’s a test of both skill and patience, as you’ll have to navigate through the stages and complete the teleporter events while airborne.

The challenge continues through the third stage, where you must activate and complete the teleporter event without landing. This requires not only maintaining your airtime but also managing combat and the teleporter boss while staying aloft.

This marks the end of our Risk of Rain Achievements guide if you need more help with the games you play check out our guides section.