In Lies of P players will encounter Alidoro, a fox merchant, early in their journey. This merchant gives you access to a ton of resources that you need to progress in Lies of P. And while his offerings stay unaffected by what your choices in the game, there are certain choices that with Alidoro that impact the game’s multiple endings.


In this guide, we will go into as much detail as possible about whether to send Alidoro to Venigni Works or Hotel Krat in Lies of P.

Meeting Alidoro

Alidoro is not just any vendor; he’s unique and plays a crucial role in the game. Players will first stumble upon him atop the cathedral, accessible via a lift. Hidden from the chaos below, Alidoro has been seeking refuge from the madness that has consumed the city. Upon meeting the player, he expresses relief at finding another “sound mind” amidst the chaos. He then poses a question that will shape his fate: where can he find a safe haven?

The Dilemma: Venigni Works Puppet Factory or Hotel Krat

When presented with the choice, players can either lie or tell the truth to Alidoro:

  1. Hotel Krat (Telling the Truth): If players choose to be honest and direct Alidoro to Hotel Krat, he will be grateful. In appreciation for guiding him to safety, Alidoro will reward players with boss weapons and amulets. This choice aligns with the “Always Truth” playthrough, making it the optimal decision for those pursuing this path.
  2. Venigni Works Puppet Factory (Lying): Opting to deceive Alidoro by sending him to the Venigni Works Puppet Factory will have immediate repercussions. Players will temporarily lose access to Alidoro’s goods. However, redemption is possible. Alidoro can later be found at the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer, where he will once again seek the player’s advice on finding a safe place. If players choose to deceive him a second time by suggesting Elysion Boulevard, Alidoro will express his disappointment, having already visited and found it overrun by puppets. Regardless of the second choice, Alidoro will eventually make his way to Hotel Krat, where players can trade with him. Pursuing the “Always Lie” playthrough is the sole reason to choose this path, as it impacts the game’s ending.