Returnal Survival Guide For Beginners: Tips and Tricks

Returnal tips and tricks

Returnal is one of the toughest games you will ever play so don’t feel bad about looking for helpful tips online. There is plenty of moments in the game that make you want to quit but stick to it and you will become a master of your craft. In this guide, I will offer general and combat tips based on my own time with this frustrating masterpiece.

Returnal Tips and Tricks For Beginners

After spending a couple of hours in Returnal you will know that this one is not going to be easy. However, when you manage to take down its toughest enemies, you will feel a Dark Souls level of satisfaction.

Dying is OK: If you are frustrated about dying so much, relax! In fact, die intentionally sometimes, die as much as you can. A large chunk of the game’s story is told through flashback cutscene that is triggered after you die.

Learn the Mechanics: It is highly recommended that you don’t take your early runs too seriously and simply practice your moves, especially the dashing ability. The importance of dashing CAN NOT be stressed enough. Make sure you learn to time your dash early on as it can surely make or break your runs. While learning this trick of the trade, make sure to understand the cooldown system tied to your dash. In the heat of the battle, never forget that your dash has a cooldown which means you must use it accordingly. The cooldown is very brief but still long enough to make you slip up and miss time your dash. Dash also gives you a brief window of invisibility which means you can dash through the melee and ranged attacks.

Use Your Items: There is no point in keeping your consumables around so use them when you can. You will lose your consumables items when you die so there is no point in holding out. You can judge if an item is permanent or temporary, by reading through the description but keep in mind that the game doesn’t clearly state anything so it will always be your guess. Of course, permanent items will stay with you so over time you will know the difference.

Rest Mode in Saviour: There is no game-saving in Returnal but you can put the console in rest mode if you are going to do something else at the time. When you come back the game will start from where you left.

Alt-Fire Mode: You can use the alt-fire mode you must pull L2 all the way.

Melee Attack: You can’t use the melee attack in Returnal until you get your hands on the Atropian Blade. Otherwise, you can’t perform melee attacks in the game. Once you get your hands on the blade remember that there is a cooldown to it. It is a brief cooldown so it is important to time it right. Don’t go slashing at enemies because it won’t work at all.

Practice Your Runs: A great way to practice your runs and learn about the game’s mechanics is through the Daily Challenges each day. Take time to participate in those to get a better understanding of what’s going on.

And that’s all the Returnal survival tips I can give you at the time. If there is more, I will update the guide. Learn from my experience, enjoy the game!. If you need more help, see Phrika boss guide.

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