Returnal Reconstructor Guide – How to Get, Uses

Returnal Reconstructor Guide

The Reconstructor is not a very well explained item in Returnal. You need to spend Ether to get a Reconstructor, and you don’t know what it does, which leaves you wondering if the investment that you are making to get this item is worth it. It is a useful item and can save your life on a harsh battlefield. This guide will cover everything in Reconstructor.

Returnal Reconstructor

The description for Reconstructor in the game is given as “A Xeno-tech device used for accurate reconstruction of complex entities per environment”. Now, this statement does not clear out any clouds of thoughts of what this item does, but it costs 6 Ether and many players would not be willing to spend their precious Ether on an item with a vague description.

Let’s get it straight! Reconstructor is an item with the simple purpose of making your character respawn to a point close to where you died. In Returnal, if you die, you would be respawned at the crash site at the beginning of the game, which is of course not so convenient way when you want to complete the game in lesser time.

The Reconstructor changes your spawn location from the crash site to wherever you desire. You can use the Reconstructor once, but it is still worth giving a shot, as it is an extremely useful device to use when you have progressed so much in the game, spawning to the beginning just doesn’t make sense.

At the price of 6 Ether, it is an expensive yet worth trying item. We recommend having a Reconstructor with you so that when you are battling late-game, you wouldn’t be spawned into the beginning.

This was everything we have on Reconstructor in Returnal. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Returnal wiki guides.

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