Returnal Obolite Repository Guide – How to Save Obolites

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Out of many items in Returnal, Obolites is probably the most important one. Obolites in the game can be used at Fabricators in order to buy different items like consumables, artifacts, etc. There isn’t any limit as to how many Obolites a player can collect in a run but one thing that needs to be noted is that all Obolites are lost upon death which is why it’s important to have a way to store them in some form. That’s where the Obolite Repository comes in. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about the Obolite Repository, collect Obolites, and saving them.

Returnal Obolite Repository

There are a couple of ways to earn Obolites in Returnal i.e., defeating enemies and destroying Obolite Chunks. However, do note that breaking an Obolite Chunk requires players to have access to the Atropian Blade. With the Atropian Blade in hand, all that players need to do is to stand next to an Obolite Chunk and press the ‘Square’ button.

In addition to regular Obolite Chunk, some are called Malignant Obolite Chunks. When used, these have a chance to inflict a malfunction on Selene’s suit. However, it’s pretty simple to get rid of these malfunctions. For more help on how to do that, feel free to check out our Malignant Items guide by heading over to the link.

When it comes to Obolite Repository, this device lets players exchange Obolites for Ether and vice versa. This can be useful because unlike Obolites, Ether doesn’t go away after dying. Not only that but Ether is also useful for using a Reconstructor. As for the exchange rate, 5 Ether can be exchanged for 200 Obolites or 300 Obolites can be exchanged for 5 Ether.

This is all we’ve got in our Returnal Obolite Repository guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Returnal wiki guides for helpful tips and tricks related to the game.

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