Returnal Malignant Items Guide – Get Rid of Malfunctions, How to Get

Returnal Malignant Items

Malignant Items in Returnal are the ones that in addition to providing different bonuses can also come with negative effects called malfunctions. These malfunctions have a chance to induce negative effects e.g., reduced repair efficiency in Selene’s suit. A lot of players are wondering whether it’s possible to remove these malfunctions from a Malignant Item or not and this is what this guide tries to address. In this guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about Malignant Items in Returnal, how to get them, and remove malfunctions.

Returnal Malignant Items

As mentioned earlier, a Malignant Item in Returnal is like a double-edged sword. This means that these not only provide benefits but also have negative effects called malfunctions. Luckily, fixing these items is a pretty simple thing to do.

First of all, do note that not all Malignant Items in the game can cause malfunctions in Selene’s suit. Each item comes with a percentage chance of inflicting a malfunction, therefore, it’s important to thoroughly check an item before chucking it aside.

As for malfunctions, there are quite a few of them in the game – some a little annoying than the others. However, it really isn’t hard to get rid of them.

In order to remove a malfunction from a Malignant Item, simply complete the task that appears in the top-left corner of the screen. These tasks can be as simple as defeating enemies, opening chests, etc., and shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. There are also some harder ones but even they aren’t too bad.

Completing these objectives will remove the malfunctions, making the item fully useable without any negative effects. This is especially useful for items like Resins that tend to increase Selene’s max HP without sacrificing things like repair efficiency, etc.

This is all we’ve got in our Returnal Malignant Items guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Returnal wiki guides for more help on the game.

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