Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles Locations Guide

Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles Locations

The Reservoir is one of the areas you will visit in Resident Evil Village. It has a handful of collectibles and in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all collectible locations in The Reservoir.

Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles Locations

You can find files, weapons, weapon parts, and more in this area. Below you will find all The Reservoir collectibles locations.

Collectible #1

Go through the gate that requires Four-Winged Unborn Key. It is inside Village 1F.  After the cutscene, head left where you will find a file on a dead body.

Collectibles #2

In Village 1F, go inside the house that requires an Iron Insignia key to get the GM 79 Grenade Launcher. It should be marked on the map.

Collectibles #3

The arm flask is found inside the Moreau Tunnels as part of the story.

Collectible #4

From the Moreau Boat Area, head right to the hut where you will find another collectible.

Collectible #5

After you pass through the sliding gate controls go right to the Outhouse collectible.

Collectible #6

As you approach the windmill from the Sluice Gate Controls, investigate the car to find a file.

Collectible #7

When you reach the windmill from the previous collectible location, check the outside deck of the windmill for a goat.

Collectible #8

Reach the platform with the three colored switches and check the nearby pole. A goat is sitting on top of the pole there.

Collectible #9

There is a Crank on top of the second windmill. It is picked up as part of the game’s progress.

Collectible #10

Once you successfully lower the water in Village 1F by using the Sluice Gate, go to the next building where you will find a file.

Collectible #11

An M1911 weapon part is inside the same building as the previous collectible.

Collectible #12

Go to Moreau’s room and check in front of the TV for a diary.

Collectible #13

Inside Moreau’s room, you can find a Six-Winged Unborn Key.

Collectible #14

Trackback to the boat area in Village 1F and go past the broken windmill. Head left to find a goat.

Collectible #15

Use the elevator to reach the Moreau Mines. Go past the save point in the windmill and locate the crank that opens the secret room. Follow the golden treasure icon on the map to find the file.

Collectible #16

In the same secret room where you found the last collectible is M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum attachments.

Collectible #17

In the same secret room, reach the top of the shrine where you will get the Mermaid Ball.

And that’s the complete Resident Evil Village The Reservoir collectibles list. Need more help? See Stronghold collectible locations, Urias boss fight, Mother Miranda boss fight, Lei farming tips, masks locations.

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