Resident Evil Village Stronghold Collectibles Locations Guide

Resident Evil Village Stronghold Collectibles Locations

One of the areas you come across in the game is called the Stronghold. Like most areas you visit in Resident Evil Village, the Stronghold has its own collectibles as well. There are only a few but still worth going through the trouble. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Resident Evil Village Stronghold collectibles.

Resident Evil Village Stronghold Collectibles Locations

One thing to keep in mind is that you should collect all of the collectibles before attempting Urias boss fight. In total, you can find 4 collectibles in its areas. One of the collectibles is actually a trophy, you need to deflect fire arrows with your blade at the entrance of the Stronghold.

Collectible #1

Enter the Stronghold and look for a staircase that leads down, at the bottom of the staircase you can find a goat.

Collectible #2

Locate the crack in the wall that leads to the next room where you will find a file.

Collectible #3

Take down the boss in the Stronghold and will drop the Torso Flask.

Collectible #4

Take the boss to exit the area and when the boat stops, go down the staircase to the left side. Enter the dungeon to find the file collectible.

And that’s the complete list of Stronghold collectibles locations. Need more help? See Lei farming, infinite ammo cheat, lockpick locations, windows locations, files locations.

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