Resident Evil Village Statues Puzzle Solution Guide

Resident Evil Village stone statues puzzle

Resident Evil Village, just like its predecessor, has come with puzzles that you can solve. One of the puzzles you come across early in Resident Evil Village is the 4 statues puzzle which is inside the Castle Dimitrescu, Hall of Ablution. After you pass through the Courtyard of Castle Dimitrescu you will reach the 4 statues puzzle.

The puzzle room has 4 statues: Lady, Beggar, Horse, and Woman. You need to place them in the right position to solve the puzzle and open the path forward.

Resident Evil Village Statues Puzzle Solution

Spot the golden placard in the puzzle room to get some clues. The card reads:

Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chance to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.

Using this clue you need to place the 4 statues in the right position. To solve the 4 statues puzzle in Resident Evil Village place the statues in the following manner:

  1. Beggar: Facing down to the horse
  2. Lady: Facing down to the Woman
  3. Horse: Facing down to the Woman
  4. Woman: Facing down to the Lady

You will also notice that there is some red liquid on the floor which is likely blood, will disappear once you place the stone statues in the right direction. From there, a path will open that let’s you continue the main story in the game.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to solve Resident Evil Village statues puzzle. Need more help? Visit our RE: Village Wiki.

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