Resident Evil Village Masks Locations Guide

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Resident Evil is a franchise that’s known for incorporating a lot of secrets since its inception. One of the biggest secrets in Resident Evil Village is finding all the masks in the game that are needed to escape Castle Dimitrescu. The problem with this is that these masks are scattered all around the area and can be a little frustrating to find. That’s where this guide comes in. In this guide, we’ve shared the locations of all the masks that can be found in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Masks Locations

There are a total of four masks that can be found in Resident Evil Village. Most of these masks are tied to boss fights in the game and are often used as a means to escape. Below, we’ve shared the locations of all the masks that can be found in Resident Evil Village:

Mask Location #1 – Mask of Sorrow

For the Mask of Sorrow, grab the Dimitrescu key and escape Lady Dimitrescu. After arriving in the room with a large statue, interact with it to grab the Mask of Sorrow.

Mask Location #2 – Mask of Pleasure

In order to find the Mask of Pleasure, head over to the second floor after evading one of the sisters. Once up on the second floor, turn toward the right side and enter the room at the end of the hallway – it’s the room with the eye puzzle. From there, use the Dimitrescu key to open up the door to defeat one of the sisters. After defeating her, the Mask of Pleasure will become available.

Mask Location #3 – Mask of Joy

For the Mask of Joy, head inside the library to defeat another Dimitrescu sister and interact with the statue in the next room to find it.

Mask Location #4 – Mask of Rage

In order to grab the final mask in RE8, solve the bell puzzle at the Atelier and then defeat a few enemies on the rooftop. Once done, travel through the zipline and the Mask of Rage will be in plain sight.

This is all we’ve got where to find all the masks in Resident Evil Village. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Resident Evil Village wiki guides.

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