Resident Evil Village Lockpick Locations Guide

Resident Evil Village lockpick locations

One of the key items in Resident Evil Village is the lockpicks. There is a handful of these spread across multiple locations in the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Resident Evil Village lockpick locations.

Resident Evil Village Lockpick Locations

As you progress in the game you will find a bunch of lockpicks. You can find them inside the castle, village, underground mines, and more. Using the lockpicks, you can unlock containers to get the most valuable items in the game.

Lockpick Location #1

Inside Castle Dimitrescu, check in the hallway opposite the kitchen. The lockpick is sitting on a table next to a lamp.

Lockpick Location #2

Check the attic of Castle Dimitrescu. When you reach the attic, go left and kill a zombie. Move forward to find some boxes and the lockpick next to them.

Lockpick Location #3

Go to Castle Dimitrescu’s armory where you will find a lockpick on the table.

Lockpick Location #4

Open the map and check the location where East and West Old Town is written. You should see a lock sign on the map which indicates a locked house. Go to the house and use the blade to create an entrance. Check inside the small shack.

Lockpick Location #5

Go to the symbol near the Workshop and West Old Town. You should see a well with a basket inside. Pull the basket out to get the lockpick.

Lockpick Location #6

Go to the shack near the garden area and pick up the lockpick from the window will. Beware of zombies in the area, come prepared.

Lockpick Location #7

Check the well on the west corner of the village. Use the ladder to go down the well and take the lockpick.

Lockpick Location #8, #9

Two lockpicks are inside Heisenberg Factory. One is inside a cupboard while the second one is inside the operation room.

And that’s everything you need to know on where to find all Resident Evil Village Lockpick locations. Need more help? See Heisenberg boss fight, Urias boss fight, masks locations, files locations, windows locations.

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