Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo Cheat Unlock Guide

Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo Cheat Unlock

In every Resident Evil game, there is an infinite ammo cheat and Resident Evil Village is no exception. Since ammo is a finite and crucial resource in survival horror games, you can’t get enough of it. In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village.

Keep in mind that a true survival horror experience is only possible without unlimited resources, especially ammo. So the game forces you to complete the game at least once before unlocking the infinite ammo cheat in Resident Evil Village.

How to Unlock Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo Cheat

In total, there are 15 weapons in the game and once you are done with the story, access the Bonuses section from the title section and go to Extra Content Shop. Keep in mind that the extra content shop in Resident Evil Village only appears after you are done with the main campaign.

You need CP to shop at the Extra Content Shop which can be earned by completing certain challenges in the game. These challenges only appear after you are done with the story at least once.

To unlock Infinite Ammo Cheat in Resident Evil Village you must unlock all customizations for a particular weapon. Each weapon has 2-3 of them and you must also get all Gunsmith upgrades from the Duke. Some weapon customization parts are available from Duke as well but others are found at different locations in the game. Purchasing parts from Duke requires a lot of Lei, the main currency used inside the story.

Once you have the customization parts and the Gunsmith upgrade for a weapon, you can purchase infinite ammo cheat from the Extra Content Shop.

A great trick to make the process faster is through a manual save. Create a manual save, and unlock customization parts and upgrades for a weapon. Purchase the cheat and load the manual save. You will carry over the infinite ammo cheat to your manual save before spending the money but will also get to keep the money.

You can do this for each weapon in Resident Evil Village.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to unlock Infinite Ammo Cheat in Resident Evil Village. Need more help? See Maestro’s Collection Treasure, Bell Puzzle Solution, Projector Film Puzzle Solution, Dragon Treasure Puzzle Solution, Statues Puzzle Solution.

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