Resident Evil Village director Morimasa Sato talked about the upcoming game and mentioned that the devs are taking full advantage of the power that the PS5 has to offer. He might have even teased the different modes in which the game runs in, quality mode and performance mode.


Resident Evil Village Takes Full Advantage Of PlayStation 5 Power

The following is what director Morimasa Sato had to say about Resident Evil Village leveraging the power of the PS5

We’re putting the high-performance power of the PS5 to full use to create a realistic experience of this terrifying village. There are a lot of exterior scenes in the game and in the past it’s been challenging to produce great-looking visuals for areas like this while maintaining performance, but it’s been a breeze with PS5. I feel like the possibilities of what I can express in a game have been expanded. While we have been able to utilise a lot of PS5’s technological advances, we were also able to optimise the game so that we could bring players an incredible survival horror experience on PS4 as well, so PS4 owners, please rest assured you’ll be satisfied too!

He also talked about how 3D Audio makes the horror game immersive and captivating. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

For a game like Resident Evil Village, where exploration is a key pillar of the gameplay, I would say the 3D audio. You can already experience a taste of this in the Maiden demo: the footsteps of the castle’s residents as they go up the stairs, or the sounds of something moving in the dark cellar… The effectiveness of the 3D audio in creating a convincing audio space has exceeded my expectations. In horror, creating the sense of a presence beyond the visual scene on screen is essential, so I think 3D audio will be indispensable in horror games from now on.

Let us know what you think about Resident Evil Village and whether or not you are interested in playing the game on PS5. If you would rather play the game on PC then you can check out the hardware requirements for the game.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine May 2021