Resident Evil Village Files Locations Guide

Resident Evil Village file locations

One of the collectible types in Resident Evil Village is Files. There are a ton of them in the game in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all file locations in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Files Locations

In total, there are 45 files you can find in the game. You need to collect all of them to get the Bookworm trophy. The file locations will be divided into different areas including Ethan’s house, Castle, Village, Underground Mines, and more.

Files in Ethan’s House

File #1

Inside Ethan’s house, go to the fridge and open it to find the first file.

File #2

Inside Ethan’s house, go to the upper floor and inside the room to the left.

File #3

Inside Ethan’s bedroom, on the computer in the study section.

File #4

Check inside the dresser in Ethan’s bedroom.

File #5

The file is not inside Ethan’s house. It becomes available as you go toward the village. Listen for the ringing sound to track down the file. It is near the body behind the van.

Files in Village and Castle

File #6

When you go past the red gate, head inside the first house. You will find the file inside the painted floor room.

File #7

The file is in the middle of the village, you can find it as part to the ornate decoration in RE8 Village.

File #8

Go inside Luiza’s House and look on the chair in the first room to get the file.

File #9

When you enter the castle for the first time, go up the stairs, and check the dresser on the left for the file.

File #10

Go to Duke in the Merchant’s Room. See our guide to find his location. The file is to the right of the Duke.

File #11

Check the 2F Wine Room inside the Castle to get the file.

File #12

At one point, you will escape the sisters in the castle by jumping down. When you’re down, check the bottom rack of the cart.

File #13

Check one of the dungeon cells after solving the swinging light puzzle.

File #14

After picking up file #13, check nearby for another file.

File #15

After you encounter the sister for the first time, check the 1F Kitchen in the castle for the file.

File #16

Check on 2F, inside Lady Dimitrescu’s Chambers after completing the cutscene.

File #17

Open the locked door from the courtyard, go up the stairs to find the file on a chest.

File #18

After getting file #17, head to the hall to pick up another file.

File #19

Check near the piano inside the Castle.

File #20

Solve the bell puzzle and reach the attic. Look in the corner for the file.

File #21

Look inside the small shack after killing Lady Dimitrescu.

File #22

Look for the Maiden of War marker on the village map. Head inside the house just right of the marker. Go to the kitchen to find the file.

File #23

Continue from file #22 and beat the Lycon, head left, and go through the locked door of the left-most house. The file should be near the entrance of the house.

File #24

As part of the main story, you will come to a house with a red chimney. Use the rooftop hole to enter the house, pick up the file from near the key item.

File #25

Look inside the village church.

File #26

When you leave the Beneviento House, a new path will open. Go to the area and look in the corner of the house where you find the Sun and Moon Ball key item.

File #27

Open the Four-Winged Onboard door and reach Moreau’s area. Complete cutscene and loot the body nearby.

File #28

Look inside the shack near the boat after leaving the Moreau mine section.

File #29

After you leave the control room, look inside the truck.

File #30

Moreau will run away once you successfully empty the lake. On the linear path, you will find a house and inside it, the file is waiting for you.

File #31

Kill Moreau and follow the path until you reach a small room before the locked door.

File #32

Look inside the house at the top of Moreau’s lab.

File #32

There is a boat between the Altar and the Ceremony site, take the boat to reach the cave on the left. Inside the cave, you will find the file.

File #33

Inside Otto’s Mill, look in the room with meat on the table.

File #34

Kill the enemies inside the Stronghold and go down the staircase, go through the opening in the wall. Look near the typewriter.

File #35

Go underground in the Fallow Plot section.

File #36

Go to Heisenberg’s Factory and look inside the room with the Cog Mold key item.

File #37

Inside Heisenberg’s Factory near Grinder Shaft on the table.

File #38

Reach B1 and use Heisenberg Key, go through the tunnel. Look on the other side of the first door there.

File #39

After the Sturm battle, go to the next room and take the file from the desk.

File #40

Complete the cutscene with Chris Redfield and take the file from the nearby desk.

File #41

In Miranda’s lab on the table near the entrance.

File #42

Near file #41, on the table with photos.

File #44

Near file #41 and #42, on the table with photos.

And that’s everything you need to know to find all file locations in Resident Evil Village. Need more help? See Urias boss fight, safe codes and door codes, new game+, increase inventory space.

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