How to Get Crystal Torso in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso

Crystal Torso is an item in Resident Evil Village, which does not serve a purpose but is just a showcase item. Crystal Torso without having any purpose is still a valuable item in Resident Evil Village. This guide is where you will find everything about the Crystal Torso, and how to get it.

Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso

Crystal Torso is an item or you can say it is a reward for killing the Dimitrescu’s daughters and you will get one on killing each of her daughters. You will get the first Crystal Torso with ease, as the first daughter of Lady Dimitrescu that you will encounter is the easiest to kill among all three sisters.

You will just have to land a few good shots at her, and she will die without giving any fight. This means the first Crystal Torso is not a problem for you to get. When you kill her, she will be decomposed and will turn into a crystal, which you can pick up the crystal.

The other two sisters are a bit difficult and will put up a good fight against you, so you need to be prepared for them in every way, and outrun and kill them, after which you will get the Crystal Torso as the reward. The Crystal Torso doesn’t serve a purpose but is still a very valuable item, and you can sell it to Duke in his Emporium for 5000 Lei, which is a good number of Lei.

After beating all the sisters, you will have three Crystal Torso, which will be worth 15,000 Lei, you can use this much money to fill your inventory up with useful resources, and ammo. As these do not come into use, so there’s no point in holding onto them. We recommend selling them as soon as you need money and buy something useful for yourself.

This is all that we have on Crystal Torso and how to get them in Resident Evil Village. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Resident Evil Village wiki guides.

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