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Resident Evil Village Cog Puzzle Solution Guide: How To Solve


Puzzles can be annoying in Resident Evil Village especially if you are trying to put an end to Mother Miranda as quickly a possible. One of the Resident Evil Village puzzles that stand in your way is the Cog puzzle.

In this guide, let’s talk about how to solve the Cog puzzle in Resident Evil Village. The process is pretty simple so you won’t have a hard time going through it.

Resident Evil Village Cog Puzzle Solution

The first of this puzzle is locating the Cog mold. Go through the passage after opening it by solving the Relief of a Horse puzzle. Keep going until you drop down to the Engine Room. Locate the red dots and shoot them to stop the giant pistols from spinning.

Once all pistons are down you can access the ladder that takes you upstairs. Go through the vent, the door nearby will be locked so go through the hall and through the door back to the Foundry, and move down the stairs to the previous room.

Locate the cracked wall but leave for now and explore the room for crates and backup generator missing a gear. You will find some fences downstairs and upstairs you will see a door with red lights on it. Smash the lights to enter the room where you will find the Cog Mold.

Head back to the Foundry and place the Cog Mold into the press to create a Large Cog. Put your new cog into the generator to solve this puzzle.

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