Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle Solution Guide

Resident Evil Village bells puzzle

The Bell puzzle is one of the puzzles you will come across in Resident Evil Village. The puzzle appears at the Castle Dimitrescu, Atelier behind the Library. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to solve the Bell Puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

As is the case with most puzzles in the game, this is a mandatory story puzzle which means you need to complete it in order to progress further. What you need to do is shoot 5 bells inside an art room to open the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil 8 Bell Puzzle Solution

As I mentioned above, there are 5 bells you need to shoot to solve the puzzle. The bells you shoot will get a flame over them. There is no set sequence to shooting the bells, all you need to do is shoot them in whatever order you see fit.

One of the bells is right in front when you enter the room. Another bell is to the right of the main entrance, look on top of the shelf in front of a painting. The third bell can be found inside the spinning machine in the wall, go up the stairs to hit it.

Another bell is outsider, you can shoot it through the window opposite from the chandelier. Find the final bell is on top of the chandelier itself.

Once you shoot all 5 bells, the painting will open to make a pathway for you to continue your journey in Resident Evil Village. Listen to the sound of a bell chime to know that the puzzle is successfully solved.

And that’s how to solve the bells puzzle in Resident Evil 8. Need more help? See statues puzzle solution, projector film puzzle, music box puzzle, dragon treasure puzzle.

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