Get ready to dive into the creepy and exciting world of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. The Treasury Puzzle is a tricky part of the game that often leaves players stumped. No worries, though, because this guide has got your back. We’re here to give you the best step-by-step solution to crack the puzzle and uncover the awesome rewards hidden inside. So, gear up, and let’s jump right into solving the Resident Evil 4 Remake Treasury Puzzle.

How to Solve Treasury Sword Puzzle in RE4 Remake

Examine Animal Emblems and Artwork: In the Treasury, notice the animal emblems on the gate: a wolf, eagle, and snake. Also, check out the four iron artwork pieces near the smaller gate; three have decorative swords.

Ring the Three Gong Emblems: Ring the three gongs in the room featuring the animal emblems. The wolf gong is next to the gate, while the eagle and snake gongs are on the other side of the gate, to the right.

Acquire the Bloodied Sword: Once you’ve rung the gongs, pass through the gate and grab the fourth sword: the Bloodied Sword.

Place the Swords in the Artwork: Return to the four artwork pieces and take all four swords. The iron, gold, bloodied, and rusted swords correspond to the knight standing tall, the knight being knighted, the knight in battle, and the knight’s grave, respectively.

Treasury Sword Puzzle Video Walkthrough

Open the Second Gate: The second gate in the room will now open, allowing you to proceed.

Reach the Upper Level of the Audience Chamber: Move to the upper level of the Audience Chamber. Hit the gong on your left, then have Leon jump across the room via the chandelier and shoot another gong on this side. Two more gates with animal emblems will open.

Unlock the Audience Chamber Door: Head downstairs, unlock the Audience Chamber door, and then continue down the stairs at the back of the room into the Water Hall.

Clear the Water Hall: Eliminate the Castle Ganados, ensuring Ashley’s safety. On the lower level, retrieve the Halo Wheel from the statue.

Use the Halo Wheel on Altars Attach: the Halo Wheel to the altar on the lower level of the Water Hall, revealing stairs. Go upstairs and use the wheel on the next altar. More of the room will open up, making the path more straightforward.

Reveal the Hidden Platform: Use the wheel on another altar to reveal a hidden platform. Have Ashley move up to your left, locating the next wheel to turn.

Protect Ashley: As Ashley turns the wheels, Leon’s task is to fend off enemies attacking both of them. Use the rifle and grenades, but be cautious not to hurt Ashley.

Cross the Bridge and Unlock the Gate: Finally, cross the bridge, head outside, and have Ashley climb the ledge left of the locked gate to unlock it from the other side.

That’s everything you need to know on how to complete the Treasury Sword Puzzle in RE4 Remake. We have other guides to help with more puzzles including the Church Dial Puzzle and Courtyard Maze Puzzle.

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