Spinel is a currency in Resident Evil 4 Remake — just like Pesetas — which you can use to purchase some items. Spinels were also present in the original RE4 but back then, these could only be sold with no option to trade for some Special Items. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about farming Spinels, trading these for items, and a complete list of things you can trade these for.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Spinels

First, let’s discuss getting Spinels in RE4 Remake. There are a few ways of doing that. Spinels have a chance to drop from mini-bosses, bosses, etc. but this is not something that you will be able to do reliably since not every boss drops Spinels.

The thing that we do recommend is completing Poster Requests which you can find next to a merchant. These requests are fairly simple to complete. You will mostly be defeating enemies, shooting different targets, collecting things, etc. After you have completed a Poster Request, simply head back to the merchant to receive some Spinels in return. As mentioned earlier, you can trade these Spinels for different items at the merchant.

Items Tradeable for Spinels

A complete list of all the items that you can get from trading in your Spinels:

  • Village Treasure Map: 1x Spinels
  • Exclusive Upgrade Ticket: 40x Spinels
  • Matilda Handgun: 10x Spinels
  • Yellow Diamond: 3x Spinels
  • Castle Treasure Map: 3x Spinels
  • Elegant Mask: 2x Spinels
  • Gunpowder x10: 3x Spinels
  • Red Beryl: 4x Spinels
  • High-Power Scope: 7x Spinels
  • Velvet Blue: 1x Spinel
  • Punisher Handgun: 5x Spinels
  • Island Treasure Map: 5x Spinels
  • Attache Case – Leather: 12x Spinels
  • Red9 Stock: 9x Spinels
  • Laser Sight: 10x Spinels
  • Yellow Herb: 3x Spinels
  • Gold Token: 3x Spinels
  • Attache Case- Black: 8x Spinels
  • Chalice of Atonement: 3x Spinels
  • TMP Stock: 8x Spinels
  • Matilda Stock: 12x Spinels

In addition to Spinels, there are items that you can purchase with Pesetas. If you need help farming Pesetas, we have a guide on that as well!

This is all we have on how to get Spinels in Resident Evil 4 Remake. If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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