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Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clocks Solution – Correct Time

What's the Correct Clock Time for the Grandfather Clocks in RE4 Remake


In the world of survival horror, solving intricate puzzles is just as vital as battling nightmarish creatures. As you journey through the terrifying and mysterious world of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll encounter a series of Grandfather Clocks, each with its own time-related riddle that must be unraveled to progress further.

This guide will walk you through each RE4 Remake Grandfather Clock puzzle, providing step-by-step instructions and helpful hints to ensure you set the correct time and unlock the secrets hidden within.

Grandfather Clocks Puzzle Solution and Correct Time

Grandfather Clocks Correct Time

Step 1 – Bunch of Keys: To begin, make your way to the library where you’ll find the first Grandfather Clock (during Chapter 9 while playing as Ashley). Look for the Bunch of Keys item located next to it. You’ll need these keys later on.

Step 2 – Hastily Written Note After: After getting the Bunch of Keys, use the elevator in the library, which will transport you to a new room. Here, you’ll discover a ‘Hastily Written Note‘ containing crucial information about the correct time for the Grandfather Clocks puzzle.

The solution for the Grandfather Clocks puzzle varies depending on the difficulty level you’re playing.

  • Assisted and Standard Difficulty: The correct time remains consistent in the 24-hour clock system. The solution is 11:04, which means setting the small hand to 11 (XI) and the big hand to 4.
  • Hardcore Difficulty: The correct time is presented in Roman numerals, with a different solution. For example, during our playthrough, the solution was VII-XII, which means setting the small hand to 7 (VII) and the big hand to 12 (XII).

It’s worth noting that the solution might be randomized for Hardcore and Professional difficulties, necessitating a visit to the ‘Hastily Written Note’ to find the correct time.

Step 3 – Skip the Library Section (Optional): If you prefer to bypass the library section, input the correct time for the Grandfather Clocks when you find it. This will save you time and enable you to proceed without visiting the library.

Step 4 – Salazar Family Insignia: Once you’ve set the correct time on the Grandfather Clocks, you’ll need to obtain the Salazar Family Insignia. After doing so, head back to the library where a secret wall to the right of the elevator will now be open. This leads you to the room where you’ll use the Insignia, circumventing the need to use the elevator.

That’s everything you need to know about the correct time input for the Grandfather Clocks in RE4 Remake. We also have guides on other puzzles including the Freezer Terminal Puzzle, Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle, and Dissection Terminal Puzzle.

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