Resident Evil 4 Remake saw a huge launch with a record number of PC players. However, a lot of Resident Evil 4 PC players are unable to play the game due to error code 88500201 and here are the fixes. Also see out fixes for RE4 Remake Fatal D3D Error and RE4 Remake Crashes.

Last updated on March 28th, 2023 at 11:02 pm

Resident Evil 4 Error 88500201 Fixes You Can Try

The error code 88500201 in RE4 Remake is related to the Denuvo DRM softwre, which used to ensure the game isn’t pirated. However, legitimate buyers of the game are unable to play Resident Evil 4 due to error 88500201 caused by the DRM. The following is the full error message and how to fix it.

Sorry, something went wrong. For solutions please visit:

Fix #1 – Remove DLC Unlocker

Some Steam users use DLC unlcokers for Steam to unlock DLC for games. Such software that interfere with the game can casuse Denuvo DRM to take action and result in Resident Evil 4 error code 88500201. Delete any software you are using that miught interfere with Steam client or games and the issue will be fixed.

Fix #2 – Make Another Steam Folder

This partocular fix for the RE4 Remake Error 88500201 is simple yet a bit confusing. You’ll have a create a new Steam folder to fix the Sorry, something went wrong error. First, go to the Steam installation folder. Open Windows Search bar > type Steam > click on “Open File Location” > right-click the Steam shortcut and slelect “Open file location”.

A new Explorer window will open with Steam installation. Right-click Steam executable and copy it. Make a new Steam folder outside the original Steam folder, see the images below, and give it a unique number of letter to identify it and paste the Steam executable there.

Before taking next steps, ensure you are logged out of Steam and then quit Steam. Now run the Steam executable you copied. This will make a secondary Steam installation in the new folder you made.

Once the installation is complete, make a new folder and name it “steamapps” and create a new folder named “common” inside the steamapps folder.

Now open the Steam cleint > right-click Resident Evil 4 Remake > Manage > Browse Lcoal files. Again quit Steam completely and click on the Common folder in the Explorer path, as shown in the image. Right-click Resident Evil 4 folder and cut it.

Now go to the Common folder that you created in the secondary Steam installation and paste the folder there. Run the secondary Steam installation and ensure the original isn’t open. Log in and install Resident Evil 4 Remake. It’ll take a few minutes to discover the game files. Now launch the game and the Something Went Wrong error code: 88500201 will be fixed.

That is all for our fixes for Re4 Remake error code 88500201. Also, see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes if you are experiencing errors with other PC video games or PC.

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