Resident Evil 3 Remake Files Locations Guide

Resident Evil 3 Remake files

One of the collectibles in Resident Evil 3 Remake is Files. These items are spread across the deadly Raccoon City map. Your job is to them all in exchange for rewards such as the Bookworm records achievements and more. In this guide, we will disclose all Resident Evil 3 Remake Files locations.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Files Locations

There are 24 Files in Resident Evil  3 Remake for the players to find. Here are all 24 locations where you can find Files.

File Location #1  – You can find a “Message from Colleague” in Jill’s Apartment. There is a pizza box on top of the dining table where you will find this File.

File Location #2 – The next collectible is the “Unsealed Envelope” which is at Jill’s Apartment. You will find this file on top of the drawer in Jill’s Apartment.

File Location #3 – One of the files in Resident Evil 3 Remake is the “Jill’s Report (Sep.26, 1998).” This collectible is also at Jill’s Apartment, pinned on the corkboard.

File Location #4 – The next file is the “Investigation Notes” you can pick up from Jill’s Apartment. The notes are right beside Jill’s Report. So in total, there are 4 files in Jill’s Apartment.

File Location #5 – Another file is inside the Sewers on the employee desk inside the control room. You find “A Love Letter?” file in this location.

File Location #6 – “Sewer Worker’s Notes” are inside the Sewers, when you go past the opening with the waterfall check the corner to find this file.

File Location #7 – Another file is inside the Sewers and this one is the “Sewer Map.” Resident Evil 3 Remake players can find next to the wall beside the door of the first room.

File Location #8 – Another file known as “Increased Sewer Security” is in the Sewers. Head north from the safe room and locate the blue door, the collectible is right next to it.

File Location #9 – In the Sewers look next to the door of the second safe room to find the “Research Assistant’s Logs” file in RE3 Remake.

File Location #10 – Head back in the Sewers and look for “Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo” on the step ladder inside the second safe room. There are a total of 6 files inside the Sewers.

File Location #11 – There is a bench next to a few posters in the Subway Station. You will find “U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide” on the bench.

File Location #12 – There is another file inside the Subway Station. Check on the counter of the newsstand to find the “Tabloid Front Page (The Cannibal Murders: A Complete Digest).” There are only two files in the Subway Station.

File Location #13 – Use the diner to head up the stairs to get to the upper level. Search the room of the Drugstore owner to find “Drugstore Owner’s Journal.” This is the only file in this area.

File Location #14 – One of the files in Resident Evil 3 Remake is in the office. You will find “U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual” on the table inside the office after you are able to climb the stairs.

File Location #15 – “Chad’s Notes” are in the Substation in the file next to a corpse covered in slime. You will find it after climbing the ladder.

File Location #16 – “Substation Internal Memo” is outside the Substation. You will find it on a wall outside the Substation in Resident Evil 3.

File Location #17 – “Subway Employee’s Memo” is in the Railway building on a desk in a room near the Fire Hose. Pick it up to know more about what went down in the Subway station.

File Location #18 – “Kite Bros. Railway Manual” is in the Railway building company office next to the old office chair.

File Location #19 – Another file can be found in the Garage. Players can locate the “Training Log” file next to Murphy. It is an easy one to find so you can’t miss it.

File Location #20 – “U.B.C.S. Suicide Note” is in the Garage Alley near the dead body outside the garage.

File Location #21 – Electrician’s Notes is another file you can find in the Garage Alley, plastered on a wall.

File Location #22 – In the Substation, you can find “Fax from Substation Chief” on a desk net to the window of the safe room.

File Location #23 – Look at the foot of the stairs outside the safe room  (control room) to find “Green Herbs: They Work!” collectible file.

File Location #24 – Look outside the substation where the “Substation Internal Memo” is posted for everyone to see. This will be your final file collectible in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

That concludes the Resident Evil 3 Files locations guide. If you need more help check out the Resident Evil 3 Remake Wiki page.

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